Published: January 27, 2020

Strategies To Reskill The Global Workforce: LTG Launches New White Paper

The white paper consolidates extensive research to identify 5 seismic forces that are disrupting the global workplace, as well as practical advice on how to overcome these concerns.

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Learning Technologies Group (LTG) Publishes A New White Paper

LONDON, UK—21 January 2020—Learning Technologies Group (LTG), the global leader in workplace learning and talent solutions and services, has published a new white paper on the reskilling crisis, titled ‘A Human Framework for Reskilling: How 5 Seismic Forces Are Driving the Reinvention of Learning & Talent’.

Authored by Piers Lea, Learning Technologies Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, it consolidates key strategic thinking from LTG’s portfolio of market-leading learning and talent companies, in addition to pulling together research into the global workforce.

It identifies 5 factors affecting businesses and their employees:

  1. Increasing complexities in business operations and work.
  2. The constant—and constantly accelerating—pace of change.
  3. Unprecedented demographic shifts that are shrinking talent pools.
  4. An increasing need for sustainable productivity to create a competitive advantage.
  5. Changing employee expectations around work and the workplace.

As well as pinpointing the seismic forces compelling large organizations to reinvent learning and talent with an empathetic eye on their people, the white paper also lists over 35 strategic actions that professionals can take to align executive, HR, and L&D leaders on the shared goal of reskilling the workforce.

"Today’s CEOs know that you can no longer hire your way to success. Talent shortages, combined with increasingly complex technological and workforce demands, mean that now is the time to reskill our workforces. We believe that this starts by reinventing and joining together two parts of the business that have often been separated: Learning and Talent," said the white paper’s author, Piers Lea.

"It’s estimated that by 2022, nearly 80% of organizational skills will need to be reprioritized or revisited because of digital transformation. Reskilling helps organizations withstand the disruptive pressures already taking place in our daily lives, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With this white paper, we hope to shine a spotlight on what we see as the way businesses, in the face of overwhelming change, can close the gap between current and future capability."

Aimed at enterprise CHROs, CLOs, and CEOs to support business cases as well as anyone looking to understand and invest in the workplace learning and talent market, ‘A Human Framework for Reskilling: How 5 Seismic Forces Are Driving the Reinvention of Learning & Talent’ is now available as a free download on Learning Technologies Group's website.

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