Published: June 15, 2018

Machine Learning LMS To Upgrade Global Education Systems

Emerging Rule uses AI to develop groundbreaking learning models.

Emerging Rule

Felipe Castro Quiles

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Machine Learning LMS By Emerging Rule

Washington D.C. June. 15, 2018 - As individualized learning continues to gain ground, Emerging Rule sustains the improvement of individualized learning methods through the R&D of LevelShip™, its patent-pending Machine Learning LMS. With the application of Artificial Intelligence to education technology, the organization explores new horizons.

“From Atlanta Innostars (US-China Innovation Alliance initiative) to ‘Ideas Nuevas’ (Peru’s BCP innovation competition), we have been gaining momentum and advocating on the advantages of using Machine Learning as an EdTech foundation on the way to creating better and more comprehensive educational methods”, explained Felipe Castro Quiles, CEO of the corporation.

In the past decade, Machine Learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. With LevelShip™, the startup intends to continue to expand its applications.

Moreover, LevelShip is carefully tailored to improve the individual development of its users by applying the advantages of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.

“Emerging rule means an invaluable guidance in the intellectual development of our childhood, focusing in a dynamic way in their attitudes and preferences according to our world”, adds Bertha Santoscoy, Ph.D. - Legal & Political Adviser to Emerging Rule.

The corporation’s short-term plans include a visit to NYU Steinhardt Edtech Accelerator powered by StartEd & VentureOut this July 2018 in NYC. To schedule a meeting with the founders, contact Sebastian Domnariu.

About Emerging Rule

Emerging Rule is guided by four principles: individual teaching and learning, passion for education reform and modernization, commitment to children rights, and futurist thinking. LevelShip™ is an initiative to improve primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate tuition levels; to conduct cognitive assessments of students, determine optimal instructional techniques & tackle K-12 education requirements.

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