Published: June 24, 2021

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Celebrates 2021 Graduates

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is an accredited full-time online private school.

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Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Honors Graduating Class

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy (MMA), a nonprofit full-time online private high school powered by VHS Learning, is honoring the Graduating Class of 2021, its fourth class of graduates.

“In these unprecedented times, we are especially pleased to have provided a safe and engaging learning environment for students to complete their secondary studies,” said Amy Michalowski, Dean of MMA. “Attending Massachusetts Mayflower Academy helps our students develop independent learning skills that will serve them well in college and their future careers. My sincerest congratulations to our graduating seniors, and I wish them continued success as they move on to the next phase of their lives.”

Students enroll in the online private school for a variety of reasons. These include the need for more scheduling flexibility to pursue a personal passion, or the desire for a more robust selection of academic courses. MMA offers more than 250 unique online courses, including 24 Advanced Placement® courses and a variety of compelling electives that can help students decide their future career direction.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy class of 2021 graduates include:

  • Katie Kelley from Texas
  • Masha Millard from Switzerland,
  • Bec Reynolds from Massachusetts
  • Aslihan Yilmaz, from Turkey

Yilmaz stated, “I have had an extremely positive online learning experience. Thanks to MMA, I have completed my high school education with ease, have had a taste of American culture, took classes that were in my interest, and have become a more responsible student thanks to it teaching me crucial time management skills.”

As in 2020, this year’s graduating class also included students completing a dual-diploma program through the academy. These students received a diploma from Nanjing No. 13 Middle School, a secondary institution in China, as well as from Massachusetts Mayflower Academy, successfully completing all necessary requirements for their U.S. high school diploma online while at their local school in China.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is dedicated to supporting its students and helping them succeed in college, careers, and life by providing an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment that meets the needs of students and families. Students enrolled in Massachusetts Mayflower Academy work entirely online, but they aren’t working alone. Along with the collaborative nature of the academy’s classes, students are supported by certified teachers, their guidance counselor, a school liaison, and a learning coach, all overseen by the school’s leadership team. The academy emphasizes personal connections with families. The school’s “high-touch” model supports students and ensures they have the greatest chance for success.

About Massachusetts Mayflower Academy and VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.)

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is an accredited full-time online private school. The school enrolls students from across the United States and around the world in its college preparatory diploma-granting high school program. MMA graduates have gone on to such prestigious colleges as Bates College, California Institute of the Arts, Temple University, and Boston University. Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is operated by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high-quality online high school courses since 1996. Certified teachers personalize each student's learning plan and provide access to more than 250 unique online courses, including 24 AP® courses. For more information, visit the website.