Published: October 26, 2020

2 Million Euro Grant Awarded To Revolutionize Online Collaboration

Learning platform receives a 2 million euro grant from Innovation Fund Denmark to revolutionize how we collaborate and co-create digitally.

CanopyLAB A/S

Esben Trier

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Revolutionizing Online Collaboration With Funds From Innovation Fund Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 26th, 2020: Aalborg University, Arla, Port of Aalborg, University College North Jutland (UCN), and CanopyLAB are behind the development of a digital learning platform, which, with funds from Innovation Fund Denmark, will solve the growing need for digital transformation and competence development.

In Denmark alone, it is estimated that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and cloud computing will eliminate 40% of the total working hours. This automation of jobs and work processes results in an enormous need for continuing and further education of the entire workforce, a challenge that cannot be solved with existing learning platforms today—due to their lacking ability to foster needed collaboration and co-creation. The 3-year UNFOLD project, which launched October 1st, 2020, draws on new research to enable hackathons, mega-projects, problem-based learning, and case competitions on CanopyLAB’s existing social and adaptive learning platform.

"We can use the same technologies that provide challenges around the eradication of jobs to help people overcome the challenge of needed new competencies to gain new jobs. Within the UNFOLD project, we have brought together some of the strongest Danish competencies within research, practice, learning, and technology such and Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. With support from Innovation Fund Denmark, we have the opportunity to develop the online-based learning platform of the future" says Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, CEO of the Danish EdTech company CanopyLAB.

The development project will build on CanopyLAB's existing platform, which is already used in more than 90 different countries, and due to the Corona pandemic, is taking significant market share in South America and Africa.

"At Aalborg University, we have developed effective learning methods that are collaborative and experience-based. In the UNFOLD project, we look forward to contributing the latest research to solve one of the biggest digital challenges for the future welfare society and strengthen Denmark's competitiveness in the global labor market," says Thomas Ryberg, Professor of Digital Learning at Aalborg University.

"We see an ever-increasing need for us to take responsibility for developing our employees and equipping them with up-to-date competencies. We look forward to contributing with our experience in the development of the digital learning methods of the future" says Claus Flensborg, Senior Director, Global People Development, Arla.