Published: May 19, 2020

Neovation Learning Solutions Demystifies AI In eLearning

A new white paper, released by Neovation Learning Solutions, dives deep into how Artificial Intelligence impacts digital learning.

Neovation Learning Solutions

Dan Belhassen, Microlearning Evangelist

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How Does AI Impact eLearning?

Neovation Learning Solutions, the award-winning eLearning company behind SmarterU (LMS), OttoLearn (Microlearning), and Flare Learning (Content Creation), has released a new white paper authored by its founder and president, Dan Belhassen, in collaboration with the established eLearning researcher/writer, Pamela Hogle.

While building the OttoLearn Agile MicroLearning platform and creating its proprietary algorithm that delivers customized, data-driven learning experiences and outcomes, Dan experienced firsthand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry—including eLearning. Now, Dan is sharing his research into what AI is and how it will continue to impact digital learning in our new white paper, AI in eLearning 2020.

"AI is a deeply misunderstood and misused term," says Belhassen. "The term is being applied to everything from a smart toaster to a killer robot. But how is AI impacting the real-world of L&D? This white paper seeks to both demystify AI and show how it is impacting L&D today and in the near future."

This white paper offers a foundational explanation of what AI is and how it is built on algorithms and explores how AI will become smarter over time. Dan links our everyday use of AI (Netflix, Amazon, Siri) with the growing presence and integration of AI into digital learning tools.

In this white paper, the reader will discover:

  • How AI is affecting Learning & Development
  • How "common AI" is used in eLearning tools
  • The impact of "uncommon AI" and its emergence in corporate L&D
  • What to anticipate with emerging AI trends in future online learning applications

One thing Dan knows for sure—AI is a moving target that will continue to change eLearning. His conclusion? "The use of AI in L&D will evolve, possibly so slowly and naturally that you won’t even notice the changes as they occur."

About Neovation Learning Solutions

Neovation Learning Solutions is an award-winning eLearning company that is obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence. In addition to its agile microlearning platform, OttoLearn, Neovation offers an LMS (SmarterU) and in-house course development services (Flare Learning) to hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of their learners around the world.