Published: August 2, 2018

NetD Wins Partner Of The Year At Humentum Annual Conference

In recognition of NetDimensions’ assistance in providing LMS and other learning technologies to the non-for-profit sector, Humentum has awarded Partner of the Year (part of their Annual Operational Excellence Awards) to NetDimensions’ LMS.


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NetD Wins Partner Of The Year For Operational Excellence

NetDimensions, the global supplier of learning, knowledge and performance management systems for high-consequence industries, has been awarded Partner of the Year at Humentum’s annual conference.

NetD Wins Partner Of The Year At Humentum Annual Conference



NetD Wins Partner Of The Year At Humentum Annual Conference

The award recognizes NetDimensions and Humentum’s five-year partnership, which has helped several organizations in the non-for-profit sector deliver eLearning solutions to people in over 160 countries.

With offices in the US and UK, as well as regional hubs in Latin America and Africa, Humentum helps aid organizations and charities by providing training, consulting, convening, and insights to their members and clients with the aim of advancing the social sector and strengthening the capacity of the organizations they work with.

Their members, who benefit from NetDimensions’ LMS technology, include WWF, Relief International, Rise Against Hunger, Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, Save The Children and The Salvation Army World Service Office, amongst many others.

“Partnerships such as the one we have with NetDimensions help us make a real difference in the world. They allow us to build and develop the skills of people working in some of the world's most challenging and hardest to reach places,” said Ross Coxon, Director, Learning Collaborative at Humentum. “Helping these workers access professional development opportunities allows them to do their jobs to the best of their ability which ultimately improves aid delivery and the lives of the some of the most marginalised communities across the world.”

“We are pleased to recognize NetDimensions as Humentum’s Partner of the Year” said President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Dente. “Their many contributions in support of organizations in our global community helps strengthen overall capacity and the ability to deliver and sustain results. We appreciate NetDimensions’ generosity and many efforts in creating a more thriving social sector.”

NetD Wins Partner Of The Year At Humentum Annual Conference



NetD Wins Partner Of The Year At Humentum Annual Conference

The ceremony, which took place on July 27, 2018, at the Washington Convention Center, saw NetDimensions’ Bill Mastin, Senior Vice President - Global Sales, accept the award in person.

“We’re extremely honoured to be accepting the award for Partner of the Year for Operational Excellence from Humentum,” said Bill Mastin. “We’ve been partnered with Humentum for five years, delivering services, learning management system technologies and the supporting  infrastructure – to allow Humentum to push its training out into the world. In the last year, we’ve helped Humentum with over 1,000 courses that have gone out to 164 countries and to over 30,000 learners. We’re proud to be one small part of the mission and vision that Humentum and their partners have. We look forward to a long and continued partnership.”

If you’d like to see NetDimensions’ award-winning capabilities for yourself, click here to schedule a demo.

About NetDimensions

Established in 1999, NetDimensions is a global provider of performance, knowledge and learning management solutions to highly regulated industries.

NetDimensions provides companies, government agencies and other organizations with talent management solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, enhance performance, foster collaboration and manage compliance programs for employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

NetDimensions' solutions also include custom content and learning portal development services, as well as off-the-shelf course libraries and regulatory compliance courseware developed by NetDimensions' Subject Matter Experts and content partners.

NetDimensions' award-winning solutions have been chosen by leading organizations worldwide including ING, Cathay Pacific, Chicago Police Department, Geely Automotive, Norton Healthcare, and Fresenius Medical Care.

NetDimensions is ISO 9001 certified and NetDimensions hosted services are ISO 27001 certified.

NetDimensions is part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).

For more information, visit or follow @netdimensions on Twitter.

About Humentum

Humentum was created in July 2017 from the merger of three well-established organizations: InsideNGO, LINGOs, and Mango. Humentum provides practical solutions, expertise, and professional communities for social sector organizations to strengthen their core capabilities and achieve greater impact. Humentum does this through providing training, consulting, and convening around the world on these core capabilities: compliance, financial management, program management, and people development.