Published: November 11, 2019

New-Age Rapid eLearning Templates—A Thanksgiving Gift From CommLab India

This Thanksgiving, CommLab India offers free interactive eLearning templates that engage the right-brain aptitudes mentioned in Daniel Pink’s book 'A Whole New Mind'.

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Rapid eLearning Templates By CommLab India

Hyderabad, India—November 11, 2019, CommLab India, a global industry leader in rapid eLearning solutions announces its Thanksgiving gift for the year 2019. Every year the company analyzes the needs of the industry and comes up with unique gift ideas. As rapid eLearning is the need of the hour, this year the company plans to gift ready-to-use interactive templates that can be used to design effective rapid eLearning.

What makes this year's Thanksgiving gift exciting is that these templates are designed in accordance with the 6 right-brain aptitudes described in Daniel Pink’s book—'A Whole New Mind'. According to Pink, right-brainers will rule the future as they are good at putting isolated elements together and can perceive the big picture.

Learners learn better when they are emotionally involved in the learning process. That's why the new-age eLearning design focuses on the inclusion of elements that promote learning. CommLab India's new-age eLearning templates aim to capture the ingredients to design eLearning that appeals to learners on an emotional level, without compromising on adult learning principles.

Bearing that in mind, CommLab India has decided to gift interactive eLearning templates that are based on the latest research on the 6 right brain aptitudes. These templates enable:

  • A great start to eLearning design by providing an element of personalization.
  • Engaging storytelling with scenarios learners can connect to.
  • Weaving a symphony in learning through mind maps.
  • Empathizing with learners using effective feedback templates.
  • Components of 'play' with a template for game-based learning.
  • Building meaning with effective learning objectives and practical performance support.

Emotion is a critical component in new-age eLearning and these templates are just perfect to design creative eLearning that can keep learners engaged in the learning process. These interactive templates are developed in one of the popular authoring tools—Storyline 360. Further, these templates are customizable as they can incorporate your company logo and custom content.

CommLab India is offering these free interactive eLearning templates along with their source files, to allow customization. Registrations can be completed using this link. Registrants can expect to receive their copy of templates before Thanksgiving.

Here's what RK Prasad, CEO, and Co-Founder, CommLab India had to say on these new-age eLearning templates, "While appreciating my team for having creatively applied Pink’s principles to eLearning design, I take great pleasure in sharing them with the L&D fraternity on this Thanksgiving Day. I believe these new-age templates that have imbibed the "right-brain" engagement techniques, will greatly help in designing a high impact, rapid eLearning."

About CommLab India

CommLab India is the most sought-after global leader for rapid eLearning solutions. The company has 100 International customers in 30+ countries.

With our formidable authoring tools expertise and decades of experience in corporate training and instructional design, we offer rapid eLearning solutions for speed, scale and value with any authoring tool:

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