Published: January 13, 2020

thirst: The New LXP In Development

thirst will launch a brand new learning experience platform in 2022, which will be equipped with advanced AI and machine learning tech.


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thirst Is Ready For Launch In 2022

thirst, is a brand new learning experience platform currently being developed and due for launch in 2022. thirst is designed for the modern learner, using advanced AI and machine learning technologies the LXP presents items of learning content, specific to the users’ individual interests and skills.

The platform is linking with leading content providers including Anders Pink, who will give users access to curated content from thousands of sources, in addition to mandated or organisation created content.

Founder of thirst, Fred Thompson said: “To achieve our vision; to make learning accessible to everyone, we're building an innovative, personalised and elegant platform that people will actually want to use.”

He continues – “With community-based learning, tacit knowledge sharing and game-changing analytics, thirst will allow employers and employees to learn their own way. Putting their individual interests and skills front and centre. Not only does this make them more likely to engage with the content, it also allows for better job retention, a highly skilled team and career progression.”

Users can support and build internal learning communities, allowing individuals to comment, share and recommend content. thirst can work alongside an existing learning management system or as a standalone learning experience platform.

About thirst

thirst is the learning and knowledge platform your employees will want to use.

A new era of learning awaits with thirst. Built for today’s learner, thirst is different to any other learning experience. Based on the individual skills and interests of each user, thirst uses an advanced recommendation engine to surface the latest and widest range of relevant learning content, personalised to each user, every time they visit the platform.