Published: November 16, 2016

New Learning Solution Expands The Open Source Feature Set

Technology provider Lambda Solutions announced today the release of Lambda Learning Solution, calling it the first enterprise software and services bundle to offer a comprehensive feature set for the global open source market.

Lambda Solutions

Colin Stein

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Lambda Introduces The Expanded Lambda Learning Solution

Available on a subscription basis for Moodle and Totara, the world's leading open source learning platforms, Lambda Learning Solution now comes bundled with Zoola Analytics, an LMS reporting product, plus custom branding, LMSCheckout, a full e-commerce solution, integration, media streaming and storage capabilities, and training.

“While the strength and innovation of the open source community keeps us at the forefront of e-learning, our customers are always helping us push that envelope even further,” said Stewart Rogers, Director of Product Management. “In many ways, Lambda Learning Solution is our customers' ultimate wishlist - we're excited to offer this fully integrated open source package, the first of its kind.”

Lambda Learning Solution includes two new products - LMSCheckout, a secure e-commerce solution, and EnlightenCRM, which integrates customer relationship management systems with Moodle and Totara LMS.

Last year, Lambda released Zoola Analytics to the open source community, providing end user organizations and other LMS providers full-featured reporting and executive dashboard functionality.

“Zoola immediately gave our customers' LMS teams actionable insights on learner activities and performance, and we were quickly able to extend this data-driven approach to e-learning by expanding the product set and integrating with LMSCheckout and,” added Rogers.

“This gave our customers a more complete view into the value of training and online learning, without losing the flexibility and security of open source technology.”

Additional enhanced features include Digital Media Library, which enhances streaming media delivery capabilities of the LMS, and a configurable theme to match corporate branding and enhance the user experience.

All Lambda Learning Solution plans also come with subscriptions to Learning Space, a blended learning environment consisting of Lambda training courses for course developers and LMS administrators.

“Out of everything in Lambda Learning Solution, we think the update to the training we deliver is probably the real game-changer,” said Rogers. “As e-learning experts, giving our LMS-focused customers the training they need to support their e-learning growth across their own organizations is more important than any software we could ever sell.”

Lambda will introduce Lambda Learning Solution this week at DevLearn, an elearning conference running November 16-18 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas— visit Lambda Solutions at booth 336.