Published: September 28, 2020

New Platform Feature: Boost Learning Impact With Social Learning Wall

Social Learning can be a game-changer in your organization. Learningbank's newest platform feature - The Social Learning Wall - empowers employees to interact and boost learning results.

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Let’s Get Social And Learn Together

True learning power comes from interacting with others—and it’s called Social Learning. Social learning happens when we talk, discuss, and share. Now, you can encourage more connectivity and peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing with Learningbank.

Social Learning Made Simple And Easy

We want to enable you to create a more engaging, meaningful learning environment in the platform. We believe that if you truly, want to engage learners, the experience needs to be social.

The Social Learning Wall

With the Social Learning Wall, you can create a learning environment that combines push (top-down, management-driven approach) & pull (learner-driven, bottom-up approach).

The Social Learning Wall - Learningbank

Enable a strong learning culture where:

  • Employees interact, share knowledge, content, best practices, and communicate with each other.
  • Administrators can push learning by creating small "campaigns" and create discussion groups regarding specific topics.
  • Instructors can collect feedback and discuss trends in Subject Matter Expert groups.

Nice To Know

As an administrator, you can enable/disable the different functionalities of the Social Learning Wall. And like every feature in the platform, the Social Learning Wall will adapt to your white label.

Your learner can access the wall from all devices—desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Want to learn more about the Social Learning Wall? Reach out to [email protected]

About Learningbank

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Why Learningbank?

Learningbank is not just another e-learning and LMS provider. We’re the learning designers of the future that fight against dull and ineffective learning. Our digital learning solutions stand out, and that’s why they get noticed, remembered, and talked about.

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