Published: April 17, 2018

New Slack App QuickQuiz Introduces eLearning To Your Slack Channel

Knowledge Anywhere, a Seattle-based learning management system company, announced this month that they have launched a new Slack application called QuickQuiz that brings elearning to company Slack channels with flexible quiz creation.

Knowledge Anywhere

Tori Braunston

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QuickQuiz eLearning Slack App - Easily Create, Measure And Deploy Quizzes

Knowledge Anywhere’s newest eLearning tool, QuickQuiz, allows users to easily create, measure and assign quizzes from within their own Slack channel. The app creates an avenue for fast-paced organizations to receive instantaneous feedback from their team.

QuickQuiz joins the Slack App Directory as the only command prompt quiz application. Using commands to trigger prompts, the app offers a flexible, simple, user-driven quiz creation experience.

QuickQuiz provides a unique avenue for the more than 50,000 teams using Slack to reinforce key knowledge directly from their own Slack channel. - Brant Gibbons, Director of Development at Knowledge Anywhere, the creators of QuickQuiz

How can organizations use QuickQuiz for eLearning, and why is it unique?

QuickQuiz leans into the latest trends in eLearning, creating a tool that reaches users in a convenient, flexible way, facilitating microlearning and mobile learning experiences.

The app differs from other modes of eLearning, because users don't need to leave their regular workflow to utilize it. A QuickQuiz administrator can create and assign a quiz from their own Slack channel and send it, along with a piece of eLearning content to anyone in their organization. The learner can read or watch the content, then complete the corresponding quiz, demonstrating that they saw and comprehend the content. All of this is done without leaving the familiarity of their company's Slack.

Businesses can utilize QuickQuiz for:

  • Product knowledge confirmation
  • Policy understanding
  • Company direction
  • Gamification – post-learning quizzes with incentives for “first person with the right answer”

The current version of QuickQuiz is FREE on the Slack App Directory.

Learn more about QuickQuiz and start utilizing the app today to promote employee engagement and convenient eLearning in your organization.

About Knowledge Anywhere, creators of QuickQuiz.

In addition to QuickQuiz, Knowledge Anywhere offers a host of eLearning technologies, such as their Learning Management System, Virtual Reality Training solutions, course creation offerings, and SCORMify, an app that turns videos and documents into SCORM compliant courses.

Knowledge Anywhere was also included in Education Technology Insights' recent LMS Edition as a Top 10 LMS Solution Provider - 2018.