Published: April 24, 2017

Newrow Inc. Launches WebRTC Online Teaching Platform, Newrow Smart

The browser-based platform is built with HTML5 and WebRTC. No downloads and no Adobe Flash required. Participating in a newrow_ smart class is as easy as clicking a URL so instructors can focus on teaching and students on learning.

Newrow Inc.

Sam Thompson

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Newrow Smart, A Platform To Deliver Live Classes Online

Today, Newrow Inc., a browser-based, video collaboration company specializing in connecting instructors with large groups of students in interactive classrooms online, launched their latest product newrow_ smart built with HTML5 and WebRTC. Newrow first launched their online teaching platform in 2009, hosting large-scale interactive events online with their Adobe Flash platform. Newrow_smart is the company’s first product built with HTML5 and WebRTC, committing to the open project as WebRTC emerges as the standard for audio and video communication through a web browser.

Of the launch of newrow_ smart, Newrow Founder & Chairman Rony Zarom said, “Providing educators a platform to deliver live classes online to many without requiring downloads has always been Newrow’s driving force. As WebRTC becomes the standard for video collaboration, I am proud that newrow_ smart is part of the first wave of full solutions to the market and the only browser-based WebRTC solution purpose built for teaching online.”

Rich browser-based applications previously required 3rd party plugins such as Adobe Flash to run cross platform. The latest versions of most major browsers now block Adobe Flash by default creating a problematic flow for Flash-based applications and their users. WebRTC provides browsers and mobile applications a standard open framework that enables cross platform communication.

As a WebRTC platform, newrow_ smart provides an optimized online t­eaching experience by bypassing the hurdles of software downloads or navigating browser settings to enable Flash. Participating in a newrow_smart class is as easy as clicking a URL so instructors can focus on teaching and students on learning.

newrow_ smart supports up to 25 concurrent webcams on stage at a time with many more viewing and participating in text chat or through pop-quizzes and quick-polling. Moderators are provided features to control which participants are visible on stage as well as those that can speak to the class. Features include desktop share, whiteboard, quizzes, file management system to share all major file formats (presentations, videos, images, documents, PDF's, audio) synchronously, YouTube integration, cloud recording, administrative features for managing users and courses, and more.