Published: July 5, 2016

#OEB16: 'Owning Learning' And What Happens When Students Take Control

Ownership is the new buzz-word in education.


Juliane Walter

[email protected]


OEB16 Theme: Owning Learning

'Owning Learning,' the theme for this year's OEB, Europe's leading conference on technology-assisted learning, reflects the growing view among education professionals that developments in technology have created a fundamental shift in education.

Increasingly, it is learners themselves who will own their education. And over 2,000 international education professionals will be in Berlin this December to discuss the implications.

"Technology is dramatically altering the balance of power in education," says Rebecca Stromeyer, CEO of ICWE GmbH, the company behind OEB. "It is creating an extraordinary range of new possibilities for people to study whatever, whenever, wherever and however they want.

"The nature of learning, training and education has already been radically changed by developments in technology during the course of the past two decades. What is coming, however, is likely to be even more radical; it will produce a much more fundamental shift, which will massively empower students.

"This year's OEB is all about the implications of this shift. It's about what will happen as students start to take ownership and control of their learning. What does this shift mean - for learners, for institutions and for the industry? What are the opportunities? What are the obstacles? How far can, or should, it go? How can institutions and organisations stay ahead of the change?

"We'll be talking about a host of important practical and theoretical questions, which arise from this shift in the ownership of learning. Globally, education is about to enter perhaps the most challenging and interesting phase in its history. We have launched a call for papers and we want to hear from anyone with original ideas, views, products and solutions."

OEB16 is all about the new world of the empowered learner - a world in which learning is owned by learners.

OEB, which will take place in Berlin from the 30th November to the 2nd December, will feature several sectoral 'tracks'. These will include Business Educa, which will focus on how developments in global markets will affect the workplace and its training requirements; Video Educa, which will look at the explosion in the use of video and other forms of communication; and Future Educa, which will examine emerging technologies and their implications.

A list of the main themes to be discussed at OEB, together with full details of the call for papers and instructions about how to submit a proposal, are available at the conference website.