Published: June 9, 2020

OttoLearn Releases Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide

Helping companies to make the right choice in microlearning platforms.

Neovation Learning Solutions

Dan Belhassen, Microlearning Evangelist

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Selecting The Right Microlearning Platform

OttoLearn Agile Microlearning, (a division of Neovation Learning Solutions, the award-winning eLearning company), has released a new Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide to assist companies and organizations as they research and select the right microlearning platform to deliver their desired training outcomes.

Microlearning is still a relatively new and not-well-understood training modality, with multiple definitions co-existing in the marketplace. After thousands of conversations over two-plus years, the OttoLearn team was able to identify and codify a list of key questions that clients should ask their potential vendors in order to make the best decision about who to partner with.

To help training managers and creators separate the microlearning signal from the online training noise, Microlearning Evangelist Dan Belhassen and the OttoLearn team created what they feel is the ultimate agnostic resource, The MicroLearning Platform Buyers Guide. The purpose of this eBook is to demystify microlearning and provide a critical path for decision-making when to ensure your microlearning platform does what you need it to do—with the ultimate goal of improving training outcomes.

"When it comes to discussing microlearning, training professionals have many questions," says Belhassen. "They want a robust, mobile-first training experience that is "more" than just a series of 5-minute videos, or their traditional long-form content delivered in smaller bites on a laptop/desktop. We wrote this Guide to help them identify their priorities and make intelligent apples-to-apples comparisons on what a microlearning platform can deliver."

This Guide presents a logical flow of questions and provides agnostic, factual answers that explain the "question behind the question" to help training professionals hone in on what is important to them, their learners, and most of all, to those in their organization who are invested in improving KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are affected by training.

The Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide asks and answers the following questions:

  • Does the platform
    • follow sound Instructional Design and cognitive science principles?
    • deliver a great learner experience?
    • make content available to all learners, everywhere?
    • prove results and ROI?
    • eliminate common administration pain points?
  • Will your platform and vendor support you now and into the future?

The Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide ends with an ultimate resource piece, an "Ask Your Vendor" checklist, to assist training professionals in their search for the right microlearning platform for their needs.

Why create an agnostic Buyers Guide? Dan responds "We want to empower our community of eLearning and online training professionals with the right questions to ask any vendor, to help them pick the right platform that meets their unique needs. We hope that the Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide will help."

Neovation Learning Solutions is an award-winning eLearning company that is obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence. In addition to its agile microlearning platform, OttoLearn, Neovation offers an LMS (SmarterU) and in-house course development services (Flare Learning) to hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of their learners around the world.