Published: September 28, 2016

Pandexio Issued 1st Patent On Micro-Learning Objects

Patent addresses the management of user rights for the sharing of micro-learning objects, which can be impacted by user role, content security settings, Copyright Law and a host of other factors.”


John Burge

[email protected]


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Patent Covers The Sharing Of Micro-Learning Objects Curated From Content

HERMOSA BEACH, Ca., Sept. 27, 2016 – Pandexio, Inc. today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,443,098 addressing the sharing of micro-learning objects curated from content (Smartsnips).

Smartsnips enable employees to capture, curate and share the most important parts of content along with their insights, while retaining one-click access to the source and context.  Prior to Smartsnips, software only had to manage rights to a single-layer object: a document, article or web page for example.  Smartsnips are multi-layer knowledge objects curated from content, and a user’s access rights may differ across layers.

“This patent is an important part of our IP portfolio related to micro-content capture, curation and sharing,” says John Burge, President of Pandexio and a former IP attorney.  “A multi-layered data structure is key to lightweight objects that are self-referencing.  This patent provides the technology for managing user rights across layers, which can be impacted by user role, content security settings, Copyright Law and a host of other factors.”

The Smartsnips technology platform enables the curation of micro-learning objects from within the applications employees currently use to do their work – including social networks, web browsers, productivity applications and learning systems.  Smartsnips technology is available to enterprises through their HCM technology providers and SIs who enter into Smartsnips licensing and distribution agreements with Pandexio.

"We need to make it as frictionless as possible for employees to capture what they learn, and make that knowledge hyper-accessible to themselves and others, particularly in social and mobile environments” says David Hain, CEO of Gotham Growth Group.  “Getting the data structure right is absolutely crucial to learning objects that are lightweight yet verifiable, and to generating a high-quality knowledge base that stands the test of time.  This is why we believe Smartsnips will emerge as the standard information format for micro-learning objects curated from content” says John Burge.

About Pandexio

Pandexio’s mission: make it easy for employees to curate and share micro-learning objects from content, within applications they already use, with fingertip access anytime on any device. Using our platform, companies can Smartsnip-enable just about any system employees use to consume or share content.  Smartsnips are currently available as part of the Tribridge Content Sphere solution and the Cornerstone Connect social learning platform from Cornerstone OnDemand.


John Burge, President

[email protected]