Published: February 4, 2016

Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool Obsidian Black - Better Than Ever

Obsidian Black - new Rapid Authoring Tool going strong. We are continuing to add new features, themes, and interactions.

Obsidian Learning

Erik Pettine

[email protected]


HOUSTON, February 2, 2016— After our successful beta test and roll out of Obsidian Black in 2015, we are continuing to add new features that will make creation of engaging eLearning pieces even easier than before. We have kept our subscription prices unchanged – still at ~50% less compare to similar tools on the market.

Key product features of Obsidian Black include:

Native HTML5: You can be sure the courses you create will work on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. And unlike some other mobile authoring solutions - no plug-in is required.

Cloud-Based Environment: You will not have to install any software. Just fire up your browser, log in, and start creating engaging mobile content.

Audio Syncing: You can sync audio with your text, images, and animations.

Online Review: Your colleagues and clients can review and leave comments on individual pages of your courses.

Export to your LMS/LRS: You can easily export courses for deployment on your existing LMS/LRS (Content created with Obsidian Black is standards-conformant (SCORM and TinCan/xAPI).

Assessment Options: You can create interactive quizzes and report results of questions (or groups of questions) to your LMS. Our question-building tools let you customize user feedback and set passing score and number of retries. And of course Obsidian Black supports LMS bookmarking and resume.

Out-of-the-box Interactions: Obsidian Black has a number of interactive elements you can insert with a few clicks of your mouse. Interactions include labeled graphics, customizable buttons you can link to just about anything on the Web, tab and accordion style interactions, mouse over tooltips, and more!

Notes/Comments Reporting: Do you need to send a narration script to a recording studio? Obsidian Black can quickly generate a file containing text for each slide – along with a thumbnail. And to organize your reviews, you can generate a file containing reviewer comments for each slide.

Slide Management: You can insert, delete, or rearrange slides with ease.

Themes: Obsidian Black comes with a number of themes, each with its own distinct look and feel.

Competitive Pricing Plans: When it comes to rapid mobile authoring tools, we’re the best bargain on the market. Subscriptions start at as low as $45 per month, and we have plans to suit your needs, including custom enterprise solutions for your organization.

Want to take ObsidianBlack for a spin? Click here to create your account for a 30 day free trial of ObsidianBlack.

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For further information, or to schedule a demo, please contact Erik Pettine at [email protected]