Published: May 31, 2016

Review My eLearning Rolls Out New Features And Updated User Experience

The new features simplify conducting eLearning reviews and managing comments. They enable teams to save time viewing, managing, and responding to comments.

Review My Elearning

James Kingsley, Co-Founder

[email protected]


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Review My eLearning announced today that they have updated their popular service, added new features, and improved the user experience. The new interface provides the user with an intuitive way of dealing with comments and reviews. One of the best new features is the ability to view and respond to all comments from one page. Developers can now communicate directly with the reviewer, opening up a two-way conversation, without leaving the page.

James Kingsley, Co-Founder of Review My eLearning said: “Our goal when planning to update the service was to simplify the management of comments. We understand how important time is. We are reducing clicks and making it more efficient. Now users will be able to see and edit all aspects of comments without leaving the page. They can also view and create replies from there.”

Feedback, negative or positive, is important for any product or service and it’s especially important for eLearning development teams creating courses capable of inspiring learners. Trying to manage comments and reviews can be time consuming. However, Review My eLearning and it’s new features enables users to easily handle feedback, saving time and money.

To learn more about Review My eLearning and how it can help you create awesome eLearning, please visit our website.

About Review My eLearning

Review My eLearning is a powerful service that equips course developers to receive feedback from clients, subject matter experts, and team members. It automatically detects slide titles and numbers. It collates all the comments into one page. From that page, the whole team can collaborate to improve the course.

Review My eLearning was created by a team of eLearning developers as an convenient way to collect feedback from their own clients. The team wanted to make sure they got robust feedback, in the easiest way possible.

Benefits Of Review My eLearning

  • Securely upload your SCORM course.
  • Send unlimited free invites to developers & reviewers.
  • Review your course without changing windows.
  • See all comments in one place.
  • Discuss comments to better understand your reviewers.
  • Create unlimited review cycles as the course is updated.