Published: May 11, 2017

Save the Cat!® Uses Thought Industries To Deliver Screenwriting Courses

Save the Cat!®, a Blake Snyder Enterprises entity, plans to use the Thought Industries platform to expand the delivery of their written and in-person screenwriting training to an online format.

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Thought Industries Launches Blake Snyder Enterprise’s Workshop Based On STC!U

BOSTON, MA – May 16, 2017 - Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning companies and creators of the first Learning Business Platform™, today announced the launch of Blake Snyder Enterprise’s online learning workshop based on Save the Cat!®, a series of screenwriting books by Blake Snyder. The organization is using the Thought Industries platform to deliver Snyder’s screenwriting teachings in an accessible, 5-week online workshop format -- a workshop they also offer in-person over the course of a weekend. In keeping with the spirit of Snyder’s books and the organization’s in-person workshops, students are able to join the online “Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop” from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Save the Cat! launched it’s online learning program and opened registration for the 5-week intensive “Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop” in the beginning of May. During the five weeks, students will experience weekly sessions designed to introduce the theory and practice of screenwriting per the teachings of Snyder’s Save the Cat! book series. To start, this will be the only course Save the Cat! offers online and they will utilize two instructors -- or “Master Cats” -- on a rotating schedule. Save the Cat! is one of the first clients to utilize the new Thought Industries’ enrollment cap features to add a feeling of exclusivity and help build a sense of community throughout the 5-week workshop.

For the time being, the company will focus primarily on using audio, video, and discussion features to engage their learners. As the company better understands what their students want in an online learning program, they will consider utilizing features like webinar integration, interactive features, and quizzes to boost engagement.

“We are excited to grow our online presence with the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform™,” said Brett Jay Markel, owner and managing member of Save the Cat!. “One feature we are thrilled about is the webinar integration -- it’s perfect for us. Down the road, we hope to use the webinar features within the platform to lead lectures and deliver Snyder’s different screenwriting genres and have customers buy them one off or as a subscription.”

“Thought Industries is happy to have Save the Cat! utilizing our Learning Business Platform to grow their online presence,” said Doug Murphy, Vice President and co-founder. “We are looking forward to seeing how Save the Cat! leverages the platform to expand their reach and offer their workshop to a wider audience.

About Save the Cat!

Save the Cat! is part of Blake Snyder Enterprise, LLC. Based on three best-selling books of screenwriter Blake Snyder, Save the Cat! provides writers with the resources they need to develop their screenplays and novels using Snyder’s acclaimed ideas and methods. Since 2006, the in-person beat sheet workshop has helped hundreds of writers create the titles, loglines, and critical beats which became the foundation of their screenplays and novels. Save the Cat! books, story structure software, and mobile applications teach consumers everything they need to know in order to master Blake Snyder’s principals.

About Thought Industries

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