Published: January 20, 2020

Science Interactive Group And Odigia: Science Labs And OER For Distance Ed

Top-level, distance education laboratory curriculum from Science Interactive Group will be featured in Odigia online learning platform and digital resource library.

Science Interactive Group

Jennifer Harrison for SIG

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Science Interactive Group And Odigia Join Forces

DENVER, Colo. (January 14, 2020)Science Interactive Group (SIG), the market leader in distance learning experiments and curricula for higher education, announced a partnership with Odigia today, the leading learner engagement platform for higher education institutions. Click to Tweet.

SIG, through their brands Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs, will combine their lab kits and digital content with Odigia’s learner engagement platform and comprehensive open educational resources (OER) library to empower post-secondary institutions with highly engaging and authentic online science laboratory curriculum and materials. The new partnership will cover 10 disciplines and more than 1,100 ADA-compliant lab activities.

"Science Interactive Group chose Odigia as our OER partner because of Odigia’s focus on the learning experience and their innovative approach to aggregating OER content," said Tim Loomer, CEO of SIG. "We are excited to offer our customers an elegant solution to accessing OER science content."

Odigia improves student engagement and outcomes by empowering educators with an easy-to-use learning platform that has a deep repository of customizable OER content with the tools, data, and flexibility needed to ensure students learn from the most relevant and engaging materials possible. Odigia provides a dynamic and personalized learning experience supported by both learner and content analytics, allowing deep insight into what is working best and how to help students succeed.

"Odigia is excited to partner with SIG, an innovative leader in online science education, to provide more relevant and engaging distance science learning experiences that improve access, affordability, and outcomes for students," said Joshua Moe, CEO at Odigia.

The partnership was established in December 2019 and will be fully deployed and available to the more than 900 SIG higher education institution partners by the fall semester of 2020, though many resources will be available beforehand.

About Science Interactive Group

Science Interactive Group encompasses multiple brands, including Hands-On Labs, eScience Labs, StarLab, Science First and Wildco that provide science education solutions to higher education institutions, K­-12 institutions, museums, libraries, laboratories, and distributors worldwide. Science Interactive Group’s vast assortment of innovative, science-oriented products is designed to provide instructors with interactive, real-world applications that engage students and enhance outcomes. Learn more on Science Interactive Group's website.

About Odigia

Different by design. SIMPLE. POWERFUL. ENGAGING. Anchored in the simple philosophy that different learners have different needs, Odigia removes the barriers created by the one-size-fits-all model of education. Odigia empowers institutions, publishers, and employers to create engaging learning experiences that improve learner engagement, outcomes, and retention. Learn more on Odigia's website and Twitter.