Published: May 11, 2017

Get Your Staff Engaged In Sustainability!

“Sustainable Practices in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, our innovative gamification course a finalist at the Start-Up Innovation Camp, at WTFL 2017, selected from 170 entries world-wide.

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Sustainable Practices In The Tourism And Hospitality Industry, Finalist at WTFL 2017

Have you ever wondered how many of our daily habits are directly linked to games, with enjoyment, with what is described as “having fun”?

It is within this context that we have developed a turnkey eLearning and Performance Ecosystem solution in sustainable practices for the hospitality industry.

Our vision

We aspire to ingrain the culture of sustainability to the millions of people who work in the hospitality industry, especially millennials, by providing engaging and rewarding interactive learning experiences.


The training programme Sustainable Practices in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is divided into three levels with 19 separate modules representing all hotel departments that undergo sustainability audits.

Totaling around 35+ hours of interactive learning with over 300 quiz questions, participants can select to play and compete against each other in either English or Greek (more languages are expected to become available soon).

How to play

Each level has a number of independent Sustainable Challenges. Players can select and play any Sustainable Challenge from any of the three levels as many times as they wish. Every Sustainable Challenge is designed around a hotel department with three Missions to be completed.

Who is it aimed for?

Hospitality/tourism enterprises/properties concerned with cutting operating costs and reducing their business’ carbon footprint.

Who should participate?

We address varied training requirements, including behavioural change, induction and on-boarding. We

Why is it innovative?

Our content is king

We have designed our training programme around needs of the real workplace environment.  We cover all three dimensions of sustainable development (economy, environment, society).


We apply gamification techniques to maximize knowledge, engagement and motivation to learn.

Acknowledged by the industry!

We are proud our training programme Sustainable Practices in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry was a finalist at the Start-Up Innovation Camp, at the World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017, selected from 170 entries world-wide.

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the leading interactive platform in the industry, where CEOs, Ministers, Academia, Finance, Start-Ups, the Next Generation and Young Talents become a strong community addressing the future challenges of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and shape a more sustainable future.

About us

Hypermedia Interactive Ltd is three year old start-up which develops innovative interactive learning experiences for educational and training purposes. As a keen supporter of game-based learning, we have been focusing on the emerging new strategy of gamification.

Through our strategic alliances, we bring in our Project Management, Instructional Design, Visual Design, Technology and Learnability expertise. We have a passion for creativity, always with the aim to innovate and deliver compelling projects. Our biggest strength is the ability to provide the right balance between what learners want, what businesses need and what technology can offer.