Published: June 7, 2018

SweetRush And Hilton Host VR Presentation At Realities 360

Hear all about their collaborative process working with virtual reality (VR) on June 26 in San Jose, California

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SweetRush And Hilton Host VR Presentation To Share Their Experience In Virtual Reality

San Francisco, Calif., June 6, 2018 — SweetRush will team up with Hilton on stage at the Realities 360 conference to share their experiences developing Virtual Reality-based learning solutions. “Virtual Reality: A Real-World Hilton + SweetRush Project Case Study”  will be presented on June 26 at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Learning and Development (L&D) professionals will learn about both the opportunities and the challenges of VR when used in L&D.

Blaire Bhojwani, Senior Director of Learning Innovation at Hilton, and John-Carlos Lozano, Chief Creative Officer at SweetRush, will walk attendees through the creation of a real VR learning program, from concept to execution. They’ll share insights and lessons learned from this process, the types of business and learning challenges that are best suited for VR solutions, and how to get buy-in from senior leaders.

“We learned a lot while developing this VR learning project alongside Hilton. When it comes to emerging technologies, we’re faced with constant change and discovery, which made successfully working with Blaire and her team all the more rewarding,” said Lozano. “It will be a joy to share the stage with her.”

Read more about the presentation on SweetRush's website.

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