Published: August 8, 2019

SweetRush Expands Its Organizational Transformation Services

SweetRush strengthens its world-class culture and changes consulting offerings by hiring noted change management and communications specialist Fran Willis White to help clients identify obstacles to growth, implement change efforts, and thrive.

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SweetRush: Broadened Organizational Transformation Services

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 30, 2019 — Esteemed change expert Fran Willis White has joined SweetRush’s Cultural and Organizational Transformation team to help broaden and strengthen its change management services. With more than 25 years’ deep experience shepherding some of the best-known global brands through major organizational change, Fran offers clients unique expertise, an innovative toolset, and a warm, caring approach.

As Senior Change Management and Communications Consultant, Fran will partner with the Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation Ashley Munday to augment SweetRush’s change management services. Combined with Ashley’s expertise in cultural transformation, this powerhouse team will drive change in organizations while helping them recalibrate their culture. It is a SweetRush-held belief that cultural transformation goes hand in hand with change management, and both are supported by training initiatives—an end-to-end pipeline of services uniquely offered by SweetRush. These complementary services empower SweetRush’s clients to better compete in today’s quickly shifting business environment.

Throughout her career, Fran found that speed to change—that is, low resistance to adoption—is the most significant indicator of success in any organizational transition; her work with clients will reduce this resistance and speed up integration. She will strategize, design, and facilitate holistic change solutions that include resonant internal messaging—necessary in change efforts—and recommendations for leadership and team training—also vital in transformations. Fran’s effective, proprietary tools and methods accurately assess and analyze needs, risks, and opportunities and streamline the change process.

“With the pace of change and innovation so dramatic and disruption in nearly every industry, an organization either changes with the world or becomes irrelevant within years. (At the current pace, Innosight predicts nearly half of today’s S&P companies will be replaced by 2028.) Change is a great lever of growth—as is cultural transformation. And when you add both together, you have an incredibly powerful tool to enable success,” Fran says. “I also know from experience that oftentimes a change consultant is brought into an organization, and there’s a ‘lost in translation’ moment when the L&D vendor is brought in. I’m so excited to be at SweetRush, where we have the full capability of delivering a cohesive end-to-end transformation.”

“There’s a rising demand from our client-partners for culture and change consulting combined, so we have been growing both these aspects—change management and communications solutions—and I am thrilled to add Fran’s expertise to our team,” says Ashley Munday, Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation. “We know how change rolls out and affects employee performance, and Fran can help maximize business impact.”

“Fran is very familiar with the tough challenges that today’s business leaders are meeting and has a real gift for tapping into client needs, fostering conversations, and facilitating change,” Ashley continues. “She also has a great spirit and a natural drive to contribute. All of this makes Fran the perfect person for this role.”

As a management consultant, Fran has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 to startups, including Walt Disney World, Southwest Airlines, Office Depot, Hewlett-Packard, Northrup, and many others, in such varied industries as finance, retail, health care, insurance, manufacturing, and nonprofit. As a testament to her exceptional abilities, more than 95% of her clients engaged her for subsequent contracts.

Fran lives and works in Dallas and has a son in law school and two stepchildren. She loves reading and visiting the Jersey shore. Connect with Fran via LinkedIn.

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