Published: May 15, 2023

SweetRush Recognized As The No. 1 Provider For Sales Training Content

SweetRush helps clients create top-performing sales associates, leads, and managers through relevant, interactive, high-impact training.

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SweetRush Recognized As The No. 1 Provider For Sales Training Content

San Francisco, Calif., May 15, 2023 — SweetRush is thrilled to announce its top position on eLearning Industry's Best Sales Training Programs By Top Content Providers 2023 list.

Sales training has been a core focus in SweetRush's portfolio and an area of innovation for more than a decade. The company creates custom learning programs for sales professionals that offer high engagement and relevant practice, keeping them motivated while respecting their time.

"Upskilling your sales team is one of the most high-impact training initiatives a company can take on, given its direct impact on revenue," says Arturo Schwartzberg, SweetRush Chairman and Co-founder. "Yet salespeople are one of the most challenging audiences because they really want to spend their time closing sales. SweetRush's tailored approach keeps them engaged and on their toes, motivating them to learn new ways to strategize and consult, handle difficult people, create larger deals, and overcome objections."

Four areas that differentiate SweetRush's sales training offerings:

  • Immersive learning – Using VR to enable sales professionals to experience and emotionally connect to the benefits of the products and services they sell.
  • Education-based marketing for the extended enterprise – Programs that win the hearts and minds of sellers who are not our clients' employees, building brand loyalty, product knowledge, and sales skills.
  • Learning in the flow of work and sales enablement tools – Resources that support sales professionals at the moment of need, including microlearning, mobile apps, and AR-enabled sales sheets.
  • Sophisticated learning journeys – SweetRush designs custom, learner-centered sales training programs for all audiences, from sales onboarding for new retail associates to executive sales professionals closing enterprise deals. These programs blend leading-edge learner experience design techniques, creating the right opportunities for interactive practice, game-based learning, reflection, and social connection.

According to Christopher Pappas, Founder of eLearning Industry, "SweetRush has a proven track record of helping sales teams in business and financial services, technology, and retail distinctly improve their performance. Their team has won over 20 Brandon Hall Gold Awards in sales training categories."

SweetRush has indeed won in several Brandon Hall Group sales training award categories, including Best Sales Training and Performance Program, and Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program, with world-class clients such as Adidas, Bridgestone, Google, and Sally Beauty.

If you'd like to speak with SweetRush about its award-winning approach to sales training programs, get in touch to be connected to a consultative expert!

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