Published: December 10, 2020

20.000 Teachers Have Joined TeacherLAB

TeacherLAB is a free interactive learning platform exclusively for teachers by teachers.


Lise Andersen-Alstrup

[email protected]


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TeacherLAB Learning Platform Exceeds 20.000 Users

Copenhagen, Denmark—December 12th, 2020—In August 2020, CanopyLAB launched TeacherLAB, a free interactive learning platform exclusively for teachers by teachers. TeacherLAB has already exceeded 20.000 users, all teachers who actively take more than 40 + courses designed to empower teachers to master new digital tools, online pedagogy, and relationships with students and parents, with the support of a global network of teachers.

"It is inspiring to see teachers from Nigeria to Peru take courses and support each other, navigating what it means to be a teacher when you teach remotely or rely on blended learning techniques. The pandemic has hit the world in different waves, and we see that we facilitate networks where teachers, for example, learn best practices on transitioning back to the classroom from teachers who just went through that process, or" says CanopyLAB Co-founder Sahra-Josephine Hjorth.

While TeacherLAB initially focused on remote teaching and learning, courses increasingly focus on blended learning and returning to the classroom. Through TeacherLAB, teachers have free access to 10-course series that is differentiated from a basic level to an expert level, which mirrors the target audience's digital maturity and competencies. The series includes:

  • Introduction to remote teaching
  • Working with new tools
  • Student engagement
  • Analytics, assessment, and grading
  • Digital literacy & future of skills
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Methodology, pedagogy, and skills
  • Future of school and learning
  • Advocacy & Agency
  • Data, security, and basic legal insights

CanopyLAB expects TeacherLAB to surpass 50.000 teachers by February 2021.

"I think it has been incredible to witness the sense of solidarity we see among educators today, who are sharing class notes, tips on how to use zoom, creating gifts and infographics with virtual classroom etiquette. We are witnessing that educators are perhaps the most adaptable people on the planet. Who would guess that?" Sahra-Josephine Hjorth argues.

Curious about how teachers are helping teachers? Join TeacherLAB today.