Published: September 3, 2021

Tesseract Learning Won 3 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2021!

Tesseract Learning won 3 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2021 for Excellence in Learning Technology Implementation and Learning Content, reinforcing them as pioneers in the world of learning.

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Tesseract Brings Home 3 Brandon Hall Awards

Tesseract Learning is ecstatic to win three out of three (two gold and one silver) Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2021, showcasing technology and its integrated contribution in the world of continuous learning programs, learning ecosystem, and online platform for MOOC delivery. Tesseract’s vision is for technology to be integral in every fundamental learning design change, that which contributes to achieving significant improvements in productivity and performance.

Brandon Hall’s choice to choose Tesseract for these prestigious awards never came easy. It was based on a multitude of factors. Tesseract learning looked beyond the organization and into their portfolio and understood that the customer’s success was defined by what the organization’s learning culture outlined. “Digital Native’ is the future. Our intent is also to ensure technology is given the space to enhance relationships between learners and customers’.

Having an organization’s learning, development and training faculty link themselves to their learner base, inclusive of professional content, resources, and systems to help them improve their own instruction and personalize learning is achieved through technology. Efforts to improve technology usage have been highly visible because of the interconnectedness needed today between collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Another effect of technology that we wish to bring more to the fore is the increased inclination of learners to work cooperatively and give the freedom to provide tutoring, like peer-to-peer. Technology also allows learners to be more active in thinking about various facets of information, making smart choices, and executing skills than is typical in classroom-led lessons.

Whenever technology is used as a tool and aid to support learners in performing tasks, the path towards achieving their objectives, making decisions in completing learning journeys, and evaluating their progress becomes far more profound. In addition, content curation and training plan design recommendations stay up to date to what the business needs today.

Tesseract also ensures that working with customers’ and partners’ where integration with various learning management systems, information management systems, business analytics tools, simulation engines, applications, learning experience platforms using a library of APIs is seamless. And what makes us stand out is our capability to distinguish various industry verticals and yet stay unique with what they need for their business.

Technology isn’t a wave that will go away, and we are taking up the responsibility of ingraining this in Tesseract’s DNA. We also respect the technology pioneers, so we will partner with the technology experts involved in the design, development, and deployment of the latest in technologies and futuristic innovations, poised to significantly impact the people, their business, and society in general.

The global training fraternity and mass pool of educators need to understand that technology is an amazing and evolving vehicle to carry learning into the future. We also ensure that designing learning opportunities stay transformative. In other words, integration of technology in the world of learning should bring about a transformation, not just disruption.

Tesseract believes in moving ahead and always staying competitive. We will switch gears if that’s what the business demands, or we will still remain grounded and deliver on commitments. People adapt to change at a different pace and have varying views of bringing about this change. The COVID-19 pandemic would have influenced these views, but the road ahead in combining learning and technology is bright, and Tesseract is right there to usher you into this new era.

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  1. Our comprehensive offering includes:
  2. Training Outsourcing
  3.  Learning and Training Consulting Services
  4.  Custom Content Development
  5.  Blended learning
  6.  Microlearning
  7.  Gamification
  8. Rapid course development
  9. Video-based learning
  10.  VR/AR
  11. KREDO, Learning Platform
  12. Moodle LMS
  13. Learning Ecosystems
  14. Learning Portals
  15. Off-the-shelf Courses
  16. Localization

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