Published: March 13, 2018

Thought Industries Unveils Customer Learning Platform At SXSW Conference

Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning SaaS companies, unveiled its new Customer Learning Platform at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference today.

Thought Industries

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Thought Industries Unveils Customer Learning Platform

AUSTIN, TX, March 13, 2018 – Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning SaaS companies, unveiled its new Customer Learning Platform at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference today. Touted as “the fastest way to an educated customer,” the platform helps software companies onboard and train more customers at a lower cost to achieve higher satisfaction and customer success.

“The success of any company ultimately depends on the success of its customers. That’s why we developed the Customer Learning Platform,” said Barry Kelly, CEO at Thought Industries. “It’s purposely focused on helping software providers streamline the delivery of training for their customers, so they reach new levels of product knowledge and mastery. This is what creates loyal, lifetime customers, and why a product like ours brings real value to the technology market.”

In addition to raising customer satisfaction levels, the Customer Learning Platform was designed to solve training scalability and platform usability issues.

Typically, customer onboarding, product training, and support are time-consuming and very hard to scale. However, the Customer Learning Platform offers instant training scalability with an integrated content authoring tool for developing self-paced learning on the fly. It also has a clean, modern design that’s incredibly easy to use and the ability to deeply match a client’s visual brand. So, when customers visit the platform, they have a seamless, brand-matching, and enhancing experience.

Dave Katzman, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Onshape, chose the Thought Industries platform to set up his company’s online Learning Center, which trains mechanical engineers to use new approaches to product design.

“Our self-paced training courses are aimed at experienced engineers and designers with high expectations and tight time constraints”, says Katzman. “We evaluated several Learning Management Systems and found Thought Industries to be by far the most professional-looking and intuitive platform. Our customers frequently praise the thoroughness and ease of the Onshape onboarding process, and candidly, Thought Industries deserves a lot of the credit.”

Other key features and benefits of the new Thought Industries Customer Learning Platform include:

  • Built-In Engagement Tools: Integrated promotion and commerce tools drive training consumption. Consumption trend tracking optimizes the reach and effectiveness of training
  • Customer Portals: Easy-to-create dedicated portals for special customers or unique customer groupings
  • Drag-And-Drop Content Creation: Allows Subject Matter Experts to create highly interactive and blended training programs
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate with the most critical and widely used platforms, including Salesforce, Citrix, Stripe, Adobe, Marketo, and Hubspot
  • In-App Training: Embeds in-context training in a company’s own software so customers get learning customized for them
  • Native Certification Engine: Removes complexity from the certification process and makes it easy to manage, update, and document
  • Live Software Training: Embeds a company’s software inside the learning platform for live exercises and step-by-step product training
  • Licensing: Uses Panorama to license content, segment groups, and manage several multi-tenant enterprise customers from one instance
  • Powerful Commerce: With subscriptions, bundling, taxation, licensing, service sales, up-selling, and cross-selling

→ Learn more about the Customer Learning Platform.

“The South by Southwest conference focuses on US-based innovation, as well as forward-thinking companies and technology ecosystems from around the globe,” said Kelly. “We couldn’t ask for a better place to debut our product since it will revolutionize the way software companies train their customers─guiding them to success and creating fans for life.”

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