Published: February 1, 2017

Time To Rethink The LMS

Axonify, the company behind the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, today launched a campaign to highlight the growing dissatisfaction among L&D professionals with antiquated learning tools, like the Learning Management System.


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Time To Rethink The LMS - The Elizabethan Let Down

Axonify, the company behind the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, today launched a campaign to highlight the growing dissatisfaction and frustration among learning and development professionals with antiquated learning tools, like the Learning Management System (LMS), which is leading to its steep decline (according to market analyst, Ambient Insight).

The campaign showcases a series of videos that feature an everyday corporate employee who conjures up strange, funny and elaborate ways to express his dissatisfaction with the LMS.

Workplace Learning is Broken

The LMS was designed originally to improve the delivery of learning content in an academic setting and then forced to fit a corporate environment. This one-size-fits all approach to learning is not meeting the needs of today’s business leaders or modern employees.

“The LMS is not something that lends itself to the world we’re living in, and the retail business that I’m in. It’s like shoes that don’t fit. I wouldn’t go out and buy shoes that don’t fit no matter how nice the shoes are,” said Valerie Davisson, Chief People Officer of At Home, a leading home décor retailer, who chose to implement Axonify instead of an LMS.

Traditional methods, like the LMS, do not provide organizations with the ability to keep pace with the rate of business change and growing knowledge demands. As a result, the LMS category is being seen by many analysts as approaching end of life, with new, more innovative knowledge-focused solutions, like Axonify, rising up in market.

“It’s time to think about moving beyond the LMS and look at systems that create a curated, collaborative, open learning experience,” said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “While LMS vendors tried to do this a decade ago, most systems have become compliance and talent platforms. A new breed of software has popped up to help make learning fun, interesting and quite compelling.”

The Tide is Turning

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, more than $140 billion USD is spent on corporate learning every year and yet according to Ambient Insights, global revenues in the self-paced eLearning market (defined by LMS, off-the-shelf content and services) is expected to drop from $46.6 billion in 2016 to $33.4 billion by 2021. Lack of innovation is seen as the root cause of the LMS decline.

Today, access to information is instantaneous and effortless, consumers are more educated, the pace of business is accelerated, and employees face higher demands to keep up with unprecedented change. Employees must retain and apply vast amounts of information to be successful in their roles. Whether that means understanding the details of an extensive product portfolio, the actions they need to take to remain safe on the job, or following a variety of policies and procedures, the demand on employees’ knowledge is enormous, and only continues to increase.

Time to Rethink the LMS

More and more, forward-thinking organizations are coming to Axonify looking for a modern approach to learning that can directly tie their investment in learning to bottom-line business results which historically has been impossible to do using an LMS. Axonify solves the growing employee knowledge problem in a way that dramatically improves employee performance. Axonify was built from the ground up to provide the knowledge employees need—whether it’s in their heads or at their fingertips—to perform their job more effectively.

  • Purpose Built for Business – By delivering quick, bite-sized content in 3-5 minutes per day, everyone across the organization can fit learning into their busy schedule every single day. Axonify’s adaptive algorithm keeps track of what employees know or don’t know at all times.
  • Learning from Anywhere – No matter what role, team, department or location, Axonify makes it easy to learn in the environment that works best for your employees’ individual situations.
  • Cognitive Science Techniques – Axonify’s proven brain science techniques—microlearning, spaced repetition, retrieval practice, confidence-based assessment, and gamification—help build employee knowledge ongoing and sustain it over time.
  • Personalized, Adaptive and Engaging – Through a combination of personalized and adaptive learning, plus a variety of game mechanics like leaderboards, points, rewards, and game play, Axonify drives voluntary participation (>80% on average 2 to 3 times per week) which results in less turnover, and a more knowledgeable, confident and engaged workforce.
  • Industry Leading Reporting and Analytics – Axonify can measure how knowledge growth influences actual on-the-job behavior, and then how this ties to defined business outcomes. L&D leaders can now prove the positive impact of investing in training on key business results.“Axonify was purpose-built to deliver bottom line business results by creating more knowledgeable, high performing employees,” said Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “Forward-thinking organizations are ready to rethink their learning strategies and implement a more effective, enjoyable and impactful learning platform to enable top performers on the job.To view the campaign videos, visit: