Published: December 15, 2017

Creating A Culture Of Learning To Be Offered At The TLDC Conference

This workshop will be offered at TLDC. This workshop gives attendees a focused agenda for the conference with actionable steps once the attendee returns to their organization.


Cheryl Johnson

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TLDC Conference - Creating A Culture Of Learning Workshop

Creating a Culture of Learning Workshop Announced at the Training, Learning and Development Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on January 28, 2018.

Read, Write & Learn Technology, LLC (RWL Tech, LLC) announces the release of a new workshop in its line of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Responsive, Technology-Based) Learning for Business Success services and products. It is called Creating a Culture of Learning.

The SMART Learning for Business Success line of workshops include:

  • Learning Ecosystem Audit
    • In the Learning Ecosystem Audit workshop attendees evaluate the technology currently in use at their organization to host and develop learning.  They also review the pedagogy employed distribute learning and ensure they align and that all learning distribution is fully supported.
  • Creating a Culture of Learning
    • In the Creating a Culture of Learning workshop attendees explore their company culture from both a personal and team dynamic perspective along with a technology perspective to ensure they align and that the organization can support engaging learning.
  • Creative by Design
    • In the Creative by Design workshop, attendees learn the components of building and facilitating engaging and effective learning.  They explore numerous examples of good learning and the reasons they are effective.

The dynamic of the workplace is changing rapidly.  Organizations can no longer expect that the people they hire today will continue to have the knowledge and skills they need in a few years to continue to be productive and keep the organization vibrant and viable.  Thus, learning needs to be a key component of their overall strategic plan rather than for compliance or to support new initiatives.

Creating a Culture of Learning, along with the Creative by Design workshops will be offered at the Training, Learning and Development Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on January 28, 2018.  The workshops are offered as part of the overall conference or separately at SMART Learning for Business Success.  A brief introduction to the Learning Ecosystem Audit will also be available in both offerings.

Cheryl Johnson
703 380 1094