Published: December 12, 2016

Innovative e-Learning: Launches A Free E-Shop Function, a fast-growing e-Learning platform, is now giving its users the opportunity to gain additional earnings by displaying their online courses in a free e-shop.


Jan Prochazka

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This month,, a progressive fast-growing eLearning platform, has started a free eLearning e-shop with online courses the users can display. Among the traditional Learning Management Systems which usually only focus on the internal environment, that is to say, exclusively on the education and training of the registered users and employees, the option of selling eLearning courses to unregistered “passer-byes” might mean a little revolution and a nice opportunity to gain additional earnings.

A way to make the courses visible without any extra effort

How does it work, then? The free e-shop function is a great way to let people see what the users (employers, teachers or educational agencies) have already created. All the lessons and courses they already had prepared may be easily displayed in the e-shop, your eLearning marketplace. This means that without any extra effort, the users can promote their work in a very effective way, as an increasing number of people is getting comfortable with online shopping nowadays.

The users choose the courses they want to display, so there is no need to worry that after switching on the e-shop function, all the courses you select will be exposed publicly. It is also possible to personalize the e-shop, using the users' companies' logos, colors and other details, so that the visitors would recognize the e-shop as yours.

Starting an eLearning e-shop is done by one click

The free e-shop function itself is fully integrated in the LMS platform and may be easily activated in the platform settings. After displaying the courses, anybody can browse the eLearning e-shop, select a course, pay for it and start to study. For educational agencies, it is a great way to offer their trainings online, for other users it is a tool for making extra money of the lessons and materials they already have.

The advantage, it's with zero commitments or subscription plans

In our opinion, the most attractive part of the opportunity to start the e-shop is that no additional fee has to be paid for users registered in your free e-Learning platform. Further is simply offering another way to profit from something you already have created. With eLearning e-shopping, is becoming the real game-changer in the field of online education.


This e-learning education Web Application has been running since 2011. Creating an interesting alternative to other Learning Management Systems,'s LMS is easily configurable, accessible on any device, quickly set up and available in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish and Czech. Furthermore, no initial investment is needed as the registration to the LMS is completely free and there is also a possibility to use the platform for free. All of these attractive features have been designed to create a great user experience and to fit the purposes and needs of the clients.