Published: October 24, 2016

Training Reinforcement Comes To Life

ej4 Introduces 4tify Your Learning™ to Learning Management Platform

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ej4 Releases New Training Reinforcement Program

SAINT LOUIS, MO (October 25, 2016) - Recent studies by researchers at Washington University show that students forget 70 percent of what they are taught within the first 24 hours after the initial learning event. When it comes to workplace training, it can be assumed that these figures stay the same. If an employee cannot retain the information they’ve learned after a training session, then why attend? It’s a waste of time for the company because it doesn’t reap the benefits of a highly-skilled workforce, which can improve revenue and overall company success.

To combat the learning decay, ej4 is launching a new training reinforcement program, 4tify Your Learning™. 4tify provides users with follow-up exam questions and a video recap after each training session through its award-winning LMS, Thinkzoom. Users are notified to complete a short quiz two days after the initial course. To further their retention, the learners will receive another question in two weeks, two months, and a quick video recap (average of two minutes) of the entire course four months later followed by a short exam question.

“ej4’s mission is to grow people, so incorporating 4tify into our learning strategy ensures that training is not just a one off event,” said ej4 CEO, Ryan Eudy. “To change behaviors, learners need to process the information learned and have the ability to practice it and apply it in their day to day.”

4tify’s main goal is to help transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. When this happens, employees feel more confident, engaged, and knowledgeable. In order for employers to benefit financially from providing training, this reinforcement ensures that every dollar they’ve spent is a positive return on their investment.

“Our concept for 4tify is based upon multiple sources of data-driven research pointing to the reality that one exposure to a training video just isn’t enough,” said Instructional Designer and Director of Operations, Kathy Irish. “We’re enthusiastic that 4tify will continue to showcase ej4 as an industry leader.”

4tify your Learning™ is available exclusively on ej4’s LMS platform, Thinkzoom. With Thinkzoom, employees can view training content in a user-friendly, engaging way. Through the use of leaderboards, badges and interactive exams employees stay up-to-date on the skills they need in a fun, interesting way.

For more information or to view ej4’s training courses, please visit ej4.

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