Published: April 26, 2018

TrainingRelief Launches New Analytics To Help Make Smarter People Decisions

TrainingRelief, a Toronto-based training and analytics company, develops a new method of tracking and reporting on user training data.


Christina Yuhanova

[email protected]


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TrainingRelief Launches New Analytics To Help Companies Make Informed HR Decisions

TrainingRelief gives companies the tools needed to create and roll out online training and get the insights to make smarter people decisions. Companies are able to boost productivity and improve morale by having better information on how their employees think, what they know, and how they perform on the job.

What’s makes TrainingRelief different from a typical Learning Management System is that it provides analytics to measure employee competencies, performance, and work ethic in comparison to their peers. It does this by tracking everything a trainee does and systematically builds a story about each individual to identify patterns and generate insightful reports.

How It Works

  • Create company-specific courses and assessments quickly using the built-in course authoring tool. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any technical know-how.
  • Roll-out training in seconds. Instructors can also review a trainee’s coursework. This lets instructors verify that the reports generated are accurate, lets them get a deeper understanding of each individual’s skill levels, and get unparalleled insights into how they solve problems.
  • Employees get an intuitive User Experience taking the training, no matter what device they use.

TrainingRelief displays all reports in an easy to understand way. For example, the trainee Accuracy Gauge visually shows how accurately a trainee answered questions in a specific course compared to their peers. The Trainee Performance graph shows an overview of all of your trainees’ performance in relation to one-another. This allows report viewers to quickly scan and see which employees are out-performing everyone else, those that are struggling, or those that are disengaged, and more.

Additionally, TrainingRelief’s API connects to a company’s existing systems for easier user management and allows for the extraction of training data for comparison with other data sets from HRIS or CRMs.

About TrainingRelief

TrainingRelief was developed to give companies a single platform in which they could easily create company-specific training and assessments, as well as accurately measure their employees’ skills and performance. Designed for the modern workforce, TrainingRelief is mobile friendly and doesn’t require any technical know-how.

To learn more about how TrainingRelief helps build better teams, reduces employee turnover and helps recognize your top performers, sign up for the free trial here.