Published: March 17, 2016

Unicorn And Amuzo Launch ‘The Future Of Game-based Learning’ White Paper

Examines the evidence on if and to what extent games lend themselves to the world of learning, as well as trends in demand and some thoughts on how the eLearning industry can create the right products to meet required learning outcomes.

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Is interest in games and gamification just another fashionable hot topic for the learning Twitterati? Or is there a real trend that is going to significantly impact on the industry? This is just one issue scrutinzed in a  joint Unicorn Training and Amuzo White Paper analyzing ‘The Future of Game-based Learning’.

The White Paper examines such questions as, if demand for games-based learning is there, what are the implications for suppliers? Also in the future could the LMS migrate on to your Xbox or PS4, or is the concept of educational games consoles beginning to happen already?

Produced by award-winning eLearning solutions providers, Unicorn, with games partner Amuzo, and delivered in conjunction with eLearning Age and Bournemouth University Faculty of Media and Communication, ‘The Future of Game-based Learning’ looks at the drivers and benefits behind the demand for game-based learning and sets these against the findings of academic research and literature.

By 2018 over half the UK’s working population is set to be part of ‘Generation Y’- born between 1980 and the early ‘90s. The White Paper assesses how and why games could revolutionize workplace learning for ‘Gen Y’, before concluding with how the eLearning industry can capitalize on the opportunities game-based learning presents, without massive budgets.

Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, explains: “Last year Unicorn with Amuzo commissioned Bournemouth University to conduct a ‘Serious Games Market Assessment’. But, outside of its initial objectives, this report also delivered an insight into the real-life, on-the-ground challenges and opportunities the eLearning industry faces in combining fun with learning substance, which planted the seeds for this White Paper.

“Games and gamification have been the hottest topics in the industry for the past couple of years, but we wanted to better understand if this was likely to be a fad, or if there was something real and commercially viable behind this trend, that is going to make this one stick.”

Mike Hawkyard, Amuzo MD,  added: “There is an evident element of ‘fear of the unknown’ surrounding the subject of learning through games and gamification. However, there are over 12 million reasons why mobile learning games are the solution to building upon and enhancing the effectiveness, productivity and confidence of your workforce. Those reasons are ‘Gen Y’.”

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