Published: February 13, 2017

Unicorn Launches New 'Learning Ecosphere'

Unicorn has launched its new Learning Ecosphere, which introduces a brand new way of reimagining the dichotomy of traditional vs new eLearning.

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Unicorn Launches Learning Ecosphere White Paper At Learning Technologies

The explosion in digital and social technologies holds great promise for L&D professionals, and the learning community is rightly excited by the potential of collaborative learning, point-of-need performance support, serious games and even augmented reality.

But amid the hype, how do enterprises identify what is relevant, affordable and good value, in the context of the practical day to day demands on time, budgets and resources?

This is the focus of Unicorn Training at the Learning Technologies at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition this month.

The Unicorn ‘Learning Ecosphere’ reimagines learning in the context of balancing enterprise-focused ‘you must learn’ and learner-focused ‘I want to learn’ demands.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), custom content, LMS and apps/games are all key elements within the Learning Ecosphere. The White Paper presents the case that a firm’s learning strategy does not have to sit on one side or the other, rather seeing the possibilities for utilising different technologies to create a better blend and balance in an overall learning approach.

Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said:

“The mobile revolution has opened up exciting new opportunities for L&D to radically improve the effectiveness of their investment in learning. But mobile learning is inherently different from, and does not replace, the more traditional enterprise led training. We still need to ensure staff are safe and competent to do their jobs.

"How do businesses dip their toes into this fast flowing stream of opportunity in a way that is effective, relevant and affordable, and consistent with the practical day to day demands on our time, budgets and resources?

“The Learning Ecosphere is designed to help businesses to recognise what new pieces of the learning jigsaw they might be missing and how it is possible to make the many different elements on both sides work harmoniously together.

“What is needed is balance, and anyone who reads the White Paper will get a much clearer understanding of how that balance could potentially be achieved within their business.”

Download your free Unicorn Ecosphere white paper here.