Published: July 7, 2016

How To Unleash Your Organization’s Leadership Potential

Terence Traut of Entelechy, Inc., a solution provider at the marcus evans Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit 2016, on employee performance improvement. Interview with: Terence Traut, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Entelechy, Inc.

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Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Palm Beach, Florida, June 27, 2016 - “Leadership is the key to organizational success. And leadership development is the key to leadership effectiveness. Unfortunately, most organizations waste millions of dollars on leadership and management training that does not stick. Having created customized leadership and management development programs for hundreds of organizations training thousands of leaders since 1992, we know what makes leadership training stick and change not only the organization’s performance but also its culture,” states Terence Traut, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Entelechy, Inc.

Entelechy, Inc. is a solution provider at the marcus evans Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit 2016.

What does today’s organization expect of managers and leaders?

If you lead people, you need to be able to effectively 1) provide feedback to reinforce or redirect behavior, 2) coach to develop and engage employees to perform at increasingly higher levels, and 3) have those difficult conversations when performance or behavior is unacceptable. In order to do these things, today’s leaders need to be able to analyze the performance of their team members and provide the things employees need – clear expectations, resources and tools, training, consequences that motivate, etc. – in order to succeed. Additionally, today’s leaders need to be able to communicate and connect with their employees in meaningful ways. Whether you are leading Millennials or Baby Boomers, these core skills are required to effectively manage performance and lead individuals.

What steps do you go through to customize a training program? Why?

We always begin with the business needs – turnover, productivity, engagement, innovation, etc.– working with the top leaders in the organization to identify challenges that the training should address. Working at all levels of the organization, we then identify how best to address those challenges and positively impact the business.

We work with the client to customize our award-winning leadership development program with the models, activities, and elements we have refined over the 24 years we have been in existence. The result is a customized leadership and management development program that includes the client’s scenarios, their language, and situations their leaders face. In effect, we “translate” our models and concepts so that they are easily learned and openly embraced by participants, ensuring that participants will be able to confidently and immediately apply these skills back on the job.

When performance improvement requires behavioral change, what would ensure training “sticks”?

Many participants may be reluctant to change and believe they do not need training. The first element of behavioral change is what I call the “whack over the head”, for people to see the impact of their current behavior on themselves and the organization. Their minds must be opened up to other ways and approaches, which we do through different activities. For example, they may think they are coachingwhen they are just telling people what to do.

The second step is to give them a replacement for what they currently have. The third step is to practice the skill using real situations they face. When participants leave the training, they should not only be competent in the models and techniques but also confident the models and techniques will work because they have already applied them.

But aren’t most leadership development programs the same?

On the surface many management and leadership development programs cover similar content. However, in our 24 years of customizing programs for clients throughout the world, it is not only about the content. It is about the clarity of the instruction, the simple prescriptive models, the instructional video demonstration of skills being used in real situations, the structure of the workshops and program, and the emphasis on application. In fact, we have identified 23 things that are required to make leadership training stick – and result in positive, lasting change. Miss one of these 23 elements and you risk wasting your organization’s money and your leaders’ time.

The 23 elements are identified in Entelechy’s whitepaper, Leadership Training that Sticks: 23 Lessons Learned over 23 Years.

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About Entelechy, Inc.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP), is the world’s premier award-winning, customizable, client-owned leadership development program that is the result of over thirty years of research, application, and continuous refinement by the team at Entelechy.

ULP has been honored with industry awards, including Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s 2015 Learning in Practice bronze award for Excellence in Content. ULP’s months-long, blended learning approach with on-the-job application has brought recognition and success to our clients’ organizations. The result: Leadership that sticks!