Published: June 22, 2017

Mobile learning: Let's Not Phone It In - Upside Learning Launches Its eBook

With its just-in-time learning approach, mobile learning caters to the training needs of an industry that needs to be "mobile" too. This eBook addresses the concerns of organizations at different levels of "mobile maturity" for training programs.

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Upside Learning Launches A Free eBook On Mobile Learning

Upside Learning has published its latest free ebook Mobile learning: Let's not phone it in- meant for individuals and organisations along a spectrum: from those considering mobility for the first time, to those who have already implemented such training interventions and are considering improving their effectiveness.

Training intervention must accordingly support learners as they move across different skill levels over a longer span of time.

Given the worldwide business environment and the kind of changes taking place in many organizations, it is understandable that such training approaches are becoming popular. It makes sense then to look at how best to leverage technology to support such a delivery. This is where mobility is a natural consideration. But mobility, while often discussed, is hard to implement properly.

Amit Garg, Co-Founder and Director of Upside Learning, has long been an advocate of using mobile delivery properly. He has an astute observation, based on long years of consulting for large organizations' training needs. "Many companies have certainly moved to a mobile based delivery. But you can’t really call it mobile learning when you’re cramming what is essentially a day-long course into a mobile-friendly viewing format. The learner’s experience is what makes mobility unique, and that’s the most overlooked aspect in most designs! This won’t do... You’re dealing with a stage of the world where people have sophisticated expectations by now of what kind of experience they want from their devices. Most of what’s out there right now just won’t cut it for the savvy user."

And this understanding is what drives Upside’s latest initiative: it is aimed at helping companies at different levels of "mobile maturity" to see how better to use technology to achieve their targeted outcomes in spaced learning, long-term development, and other structured interventions.  The 8 informative case studies help you get an insight about how mobility can be effectively used as a learning solution.

Interested in knowing how can you use mobility in your training interventions? Download the Free eBook now.

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