Published: February 12, 2019

Valamis Transforms Corporate Learning With Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

The AI-powered knowledge capture extracts useful information from masses of learning materials, including moments in videos, by enabling more efficient search coupled with proactive intelligent recommendations.


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Intelligent Knowledge Discovery Is The New Feature In Valamis LXP

London, 12 February 2019. Valamis, the global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development announced Intelligent Knowledge Discovery (IKD), the newest feature in their Valamis - Learning Experience Platform.

For an everyday user of Valamis LXP, this means better and faster search results. Instead of browsing through hours of video, the solution points the user to the exact moment in the video where the information required can be found.

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery uses machine learning and natural language processing so that a machine can understand, interpret, process, analyze and then manipulate vast amounts of human language found within learning content. On top of that, Intelligent Knowledge Discovery can identify trends, similarities and connections between different videos and different paragraphs of text, and then compare this with what the learners are currently working, so content can be highly targeted and relevant based on the individual learner’s needs.

In Intelligent Knowledge Discovery, the cognitive search directs the user to the exact point in the video or another medium where the relevant information can be found, so the time spent searching for information drops dramatically. When used in Valamis LXP with the AI-powered digital learning assistant, Valbo, targeted content recommendations gives users more time to learn.

“Many of our customers are already using Intelligent Knowledge Discovery to structure their video content and find the moments that matter. It has already been proven to be a powerful tool that helps amplify important points within bulks of information and then captures the knowledge and expertise within the enterprise increasing the employee productivity dramatically,” says Janne Hietala, Chief Commercial Officer, Valamis.

You can meet the Valamis team for further discussions and a demo on February 13-14, at stand M05 at Learning Technologies, London. If you are interested in learning insights about the benefits of proactive retraining and re-skilling and how you can better understand the economics of learning, take a look at Valamis’ latest White Paper on “Digital Transformation of the Workforce”.

About Valamis

Valamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development. The company develops Valamis - Learning Experience Platform. Valamis' customers are large organizations spanning all industries, but predominantly in finance and insurance, complex manufacturing, and professional services. Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, Valamis operates internationally with offices in the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia.

About Valamis - Learning Experience Platform

Valamis LXP is an award-winning platform developed in cooperation with customers. Valamis enables formal, informal, social, and microlearning, content authoring and management tools. Valamis gives users access to in-depth analytics in their learning process by supporting the xAPI standard and a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS). Always utilizing the latest technologies, Valamis brings you a digital learning assistant powered with AI. The platform offers organizations a cost-effective and modular way to upskill their workforce and manage learning and development globally.

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