Published: February 23, 2017

ViaTech Announces Active Reader Ecosystem

Protect your Intellectual Property, get visibility on all user activity and allow users to engage with your content. This revolutionary tool, Active Reader, is the only solution offering enterprise level security, compliance, and collaboration.


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ViaTech Announces Active Reader For Enterprise Level Security, Compliance, And Collaboration

Dallas, TX – E-Reader adoption has slowed due to the cost of file conversions, the lack of compliance functionality and inefficient use of users existing devices. Since the current solutions were failing - ViaTech developed Active Reader to bring security, compliance, and collaboration to enterprise content. Security by having multi-level authentication, compliance through tracking all user activity and collaboration by making the content engaging in an ecosystem that supports text, audio, and video annotations.

Protected by ViaTech’s digital assets repository storage cloud, Active Reader ensures that enterprises’ content is secure. The tool allows administrators to edit, update and selectively distribute their content without the standard conversion costs to ePub format. This allows content, the revisions that impact content on a daily basis, facilitators to immediately replace existing files in the archive to stay up to date with compliance laws and culture changes within the company.

“Readers expect content to be delivered to them in the format that has the greatest use at that moment. Pilots want charts in iPad, smartphone, and hard-copy formats. Doctors need a hard copy in the operating room and an e-reader in the exam room,” says Michael Bertuch, CEO of ViaTech. “By creating a master archive in the cloud, ViaTech has engineered a blended solution of hard copy, e- reader, smartphone and PDF that offers readers the perfect solution to the format problem.”

Active Reader promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology, saving money that would otherwise be spent on hardware and software. The files will be accessible across all devices and platforms, syncing instantly to keep up with industry and company regulations. This program is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices. As an app, the end user can access their digital library offline, allowing them to venture into the field with the tool at hand. This reinforces learning on demand basic principles of having the information when you want it, at your fingertips.

ViaTech’s mission statement is to engineer automated workflows that close the gaps in content delivery while not sacrificing security or business identity.

“It’s no secret that today’s companies generate massive quantities of content. While we openly acknowledge the tremendous amount of content companies produce we seem to turn a blind eye to the dilemma of tracking it all,” says Ron Simmons, COO of ViaTech. “Active Reader closes the gaps in content delivery. Our specialty is in simplifying the path from your company to your end user: the reader or learner who needs your content in a specific format.”

The tool’s interface is entirely customizable, outside of the app icon and login screen, allowing users to set any preference they desire. Users can edit and highlight specific portions of a document and share their notes with other users immediately via email. Text, audio, and video memos can be shared with others as well to improve or correct the literature to the enterprise’s liking.

About ViaTech 

ViaTech revolutionizes how businesses communicate with their audiences through technology. We transform the way content is delivered. We optimize every single step of the process.

To put it simply: People want information when they need it, in the formats that are best for them, wherever they are in the world. ViaTech is here to deliver on that urgency.