Published: November 20, 2018

A Unique Software Launch To Breathe New Life Into Virtual Training

Taggis puts virtual reality software firmly on the map. Its unique technology means anyone can create visual and interactive learning settings easily.

Virtual eTraining Software

Patrick Sävström

[email protected]

+46 72 231 31 37

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Virtual eTraining Software Launched Taggis To Offer The Best Training Experience

Stockholm, November 19, 2018 -  Virtual eTraining Software has launched Taggis, a multimedia hotspot editor to create stand-out learning settings in no time.

The software behind Taggis has been carefully curated for training creators to design a visual environment easily without prior programming knowledge to do so. Hotspots are scattered on a photograph which are loaded up with relevant media, the training segment is then exported as needed.

Taggis aims to solve some of the key problems within the virtual reality landscape as a whole and common issues for learning creators.

  • A current trend sees that as much as 70% of all virtual reality focuses on refining the hardware, but software applications are lagging behind. This discrepancy is becoming widely apparent within the eLearning industry. Software should match the intricate devices so that the learning content itself can be packaged up nicely -> The Taggis software needed to be sophisticated
  • Learning producers face daily challenges with training creation where the road to engaging material is long and bumpy with limited freedom. In addition, the end product often lacks true interactivity for learners -> Taggis needed to be simple to use and provide for an immersive experience

The goals for Taggis were thus threefold: sharp technology, a smooth training development process and a slick experience. The result can be compared to PowerPoint, an uncomplicated tool for meaningful visual and virtual creations.

Patrick Sävström, CEO and founder of Virtual eTraining Software, and the Taggis innovator highlights their quest to enrich imagery, and said:

“We wanted to give our clients more than images. That’s when the Eureka moment came, to create a usable software giving visuals more meaning to truly make a picture worth a thousand words.”

Taggis was initially launched to existing clients who were eager to start using the editor. The feedback has been hugely positive.

Siri Aronsen, Senior Ground Instructor, Training Department of Norwegian Air Shuttle said:

"It's great how Taggis simplifies interactive training. I just upload the main setting image and add meaty hotspots with whatever audiovisual material for each one. Creating training this way is effortless and much more interesting for the user, plus it's a lot quicker to get through."

The multi-use of Taggis is becoming increasingly clear, as it can also be used for engaging presentations in classroom training, and in fact, any visual setting can be built where imagery plays a key role. Design your own virtual world with Taggis.

About Virtual eTraining Software

Virtual eTraining Software is among the key innovators of interactive 360° environments and presentations. Since 2007 the company has created and refined software to make virtual reality accessible to both the creator and user within the training sector and other business areas. The product is compatible with common Learning Management Systems or can be used as a stand-alone platform for any visual setting. The company’s developers are continually working to tweak visual training tools, which has led to the creation of Taggis, a truly unique authoring software and interactive hotspot editor. This enables anyone to easily create impressive visual settings themselves.