Published: January 10, 2020

Vowel Featured At SEAP’s PuneConnect 2019 Event

Vowel's Learning Experience Platform will present its product at the PuneConnect 2019 event, being selected among a variety of startups, in December.

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SEAP's PuneConnect 2019: Vowel Presentation

Pune, India. Vowel was selected from 75+ startups to present its product as part of the 'Startup Alley' at the PuneConnect 2019 event on Saturday, 14th December 2019.

PuneConnect is an annual flagship event of SEAP and is attended by hundreds of people every year and offers a great opportunity for startups to showcase their products. The event is a great opportunity for participants to learn about new technology trends and strategies to adopt as well as helps them get exposure and business networking opportunities with investors, VCs, and eco-system players in Pune.

Over the last 8 years, the event has seen over 700 applications from startups, and of those 250+ have got a chance to showcase their products at the event. This year, SEAP got 75+ applications for its showcase & shortlisted 15 to showcase their products at the Startup Alley. Vowel was one of the products to get this opportunity.

PuneConnect 2019—'Future in the Connected World' was a day-long conference aimed at helping professionals and organizations understand the recipe of success in rapidly transforming and a connected world. The pre-launch session was a common track with the keynote on "Building digital foundations for India’s next growth story" by Dr.Omkar Rai, Director General at STPI. This was followed by the Book launch of "The Tech Whisperer" by Mr. Jaspreet Bindra who later gave a keynote on "Demystifying Digital Transformation."

The post-launch session was divided into 3 tracks Technology NXT, Research NXT & Workforce NXT. These sessions covered some of the important trends likely to impact businesses. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and leadership experts shared their vision and experiences on how technology is impacting the lives of people or research is shaping the future of technology and discuss the future of the workforce, inclusivity, and leadership in the digital age.

The Vowel booth at the event garnered a lot of interest from the audience. Stakeholders from Industry as well as Academia graced the booth & got insights on how Vowel is tackling the challenge of learning in organisations. The features to make any content trackable & the ability to centrally manage all organisation learning were well appreciated. Attendees showed a lot of interest in Vowel’s multi-pronged approach & the learning catalyst program to 'Make Learning Happen' in organisations.

Industry leaders like Mr. Shridhar Shuka from KPoint, Mr.Krishna Gopal from Tech Mahindra, Mr.Maninder Singh & Mr.Gurpreet Luthra Tavisca gave valuable insights on how Vowel can make an even greater impact.

About SEAP & PuneConnect

SEAP was formed as an association of Software Exporters of Pune in 1998. The initial focus was to interact with various government agencies and provide member software companies with the needed support for establishing efficient operations.

PuneConnect is an annual flagship event of SEAP and is attended by hundreds of people every year. Started in 2011, it has completed 7 successful editions with a growing impact each year. Over the years, the event has gained great recognition as a flagship event that brings enterprises, start-up and research eco-systems together on a common platform.

About Vowel

Vowel was formed with the core purpose of 'making learning happen' to create an impact on individuals and organisations. Through its Software as a service platform Vowel attempts to remove typical hurdles that organisations face in implementing effective learning programs like Learner Motivation, Content Aquisition, Platform Adoption as well as Impact measurement & tracking.

Vowel looks to solve the challenge of Learner motivation by providing strong Social Learning, Gamification, Certification & Need Establishment features that help create a pull-based learning culture while features like HRMS and PMS integrations ensure a push where required. Content Acquisition is made cheaper & easier by allowing & tracking open content from YouTube & web links as well as readily available content from MS Word, PPTs & PDFs in addition to standard formats like SCORM. Plus it has its own mobile-first content authoring tool and also offers a premium content library to source ready content from.

A clean learner-first User Interface available on multiple delivery channels and devices coupled with deep enterprise integrations via SSO & APIs means the platform is available easily to the learners whether it’s on their mobile or laptop or via an AI Chatbot. Tracking any content, self-certification tools & a powerful assessment engine and a feedback system help track and measure the impact of training.

Vowel has successfully helped SME’s, as well as large corporations like Star TV, JM Financials & SMC, implement learning programs using its SAAS Product.