Published: January 22, 2016

WizIQ Named Top Rated On Global Software Review Sites TrustRadius & GetApp!

For WizIQ, one of the world’s largest online education platforms, the list of global accolades and distinctions seems endless.

WizIQ Inc.

Richa Singh

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For WizIQ, one of the world’s largest online education platforms, the list of global accolades and distinctions seems endless. The company’s pioneering Learning Management platform was recently awarded a ‘2016 Top Rated’ badge in the Learning Management category by TrustRadius, and was ranked Number one by GetApp for Learning Management systems based in the Cloud.

WizIQ’s Online Academy Builder allows educators to create self-branded online academies in order to increase learner engagement, instructor effectiveness and establish their own unique brand proposition. The latest recognition for WizIQ’s Online Academy Builder comes on the back of in-depth user ratings and reviews on TrustRadius, which are then screened and validated by the research platform.

TrustRadius, the leading research platform for business technology and the most trusted review site in the world, said in the announcement, “This is a big accomplishment, because this award represents the true voice of your customers – It is based on how your users have rated your product on TrustRadius, the most trusted review site.”

Gautam Patnaik, CEO & Principal Consultant, KQM Consultants in his reviewer at TrustRadius called WizIQ Online Academy Builder the ideal to use for live classes, recording conferences, classes and meetings. Ana Rosiris Castro Méndez, Dirección, autora y docente, e-Learning Fácil praised it for keeping a record of learner feedback and discussion inputs within the course platform, saving a lot of trouble to track what went on through long duration courses with each and every learner.

GetApp, the largest cloud­ based business apps marketplace, said that WizIQ top ranking was determined using data available on GetApp and collected from other third ­party sources. The factors used to calculate an app’s GetRank score include user generated reviews, integrations, mobile readiness, media presence, and security, and the ranking is updated every quarter to reflect newly available data.

Speaking on the achievement, Harman Singh, Founder & CEO, WizIQ, commented, “This recognition from some of the most trusted review sites in the world, only serves to highlight the faith that our users have in our product and the decisive impact it has made on their business as learning service providers. WizIQ continues to be driven by the voice of our customers and our efforts are focused on exceeding the high standards that we have come to represent while creating disruptive technology-driven solutions for the e-learning industry.”

WizIQ has been acknowledged for its invaluable contribution to the e-learning space in the past with several other noteworthy awards. WizIQ’s Online Academy Builder won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award 2015 for excellence in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category; named “Best Online Education Platform Technology Provider” at the World Education Summit 2015, and “Best Virtual Classroom Provider” at the World Education Congress 2015.

About WizIQ:

Founded in 2007, WizIQ is one of the world’s largest cloud based education platforms. Over 400,000 educators have leveraged WizIQ to deliver learning services to 4 Million+ learners across 200 countries. WizIQ’s award winning Virtual Classroom solution that enables online delivery of live instructor-led learning, has received acclaim from education service providers from around the world. The WizIQ Online Academy Builder represents an evolutionary leap in education technology by empowering education service providers to set up their own customized academies within minutes.

Online Academy Builder is designed to increase learner engagement through cutting-edge features, such as mobile learning, video streaming, live online classroom, discussion boards, assessments, insights and analytics. By taking away the complexities of development and the burden of setup costs and server infrastructure this solution dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership. Besides, the in-built e-commerce capability enables them to monetize their services and rapidly expand their reach to newer markets.