Published: November 8, 2021

The World’s First AI Course Authoring Tool AICATO Celebrates 2nd Birthday

In October 2019, CanopyLAB released the world's first AI Course Authoring Tool, AICATO.


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

[email protected]


Copenhagen, Denmark, November 8th, 2021 - In late October 2019, CanopyLAB released the world's first AI course authoring tool. We named her AICATO and we have grown pretty fond of her. The release was a culmination of a research and development grant we received from the Danish government and the EU.

Have you ever wished you had a teaching assistant (TA) that was ever-present, did everything quickly, and understood the needs of your learners? Then an AI-driven course authoring tool may be just the thing you are looking for. The technology may not be flashy as Optimus Prime, but our Artificial Intelligence-driven authoring tool can be more helpful than Wall-E and certainly more potent than Terminator. She is called AICATO and is on a mission to create amazing online learning experiences.

AI already assists us in our daily life by determining the fastest way to get to a place via Google Maps, creating a playlist for us according to moods in Spotify, or generating reports and charts that give us insights that we can use to make decisions through various analytics tools. But the applications for digital learning are just beginning. When it comes to designing digital learning, we know that creating compelling learning experiences is both challenging and time-consuming. "Data shows us that after our clients (teachers, course designers, and HR personnel) started using our AI course authoring tool AICATO two years ago, we have reduced course creation time by 78 % on average," says CEO & Co-founder Sahra-Josephine Hjorth.

I bet you are pretty curious about what an AICATO can do by now, so let’s have a look!

Meet AICATO, Our AI Course Authoring Tool.

One day, AICATO will be able to generate an entire learning experience for you if you just feed her with content like a textbook, a PowerPoint, a pdf, or a video. But she is only two years old, so what she can do so far is the following cool tricks.

Create automatic unit descriptions:
Not sure how to compile all the information in a description for a specific unit within your learning experience? AICATO’ got your back. She reads all the information shared, runs an NLP analysis, and spurs our suggestion for your course unit description.

Curation of pedagogical exercises:
Once your unit description is on point, AICATO recommends specific pedagogical learning exercises to you can include in your units, taking into account the materials, demographics, and where you are in the course flow. This gives you confidence in knowing when to pick Journaling, Debate, Multiple Choice Quiz, Brainstorming, or even Roleplaying.
Our clients tell us that AICATO provides them with actionable insights on how to deliver learning experiences with a high return on investment (ROI).

Generate pedagogical exercises automatically:
Making exercises has never been easier. AICATO can develop pedagogical exercises for you. Not sure how to inspire learners to pick up journaling? What are best practices for reflection exercises? Don’t worry, we have got your back and support you through the entire exercise creation process.
AICATO can create multiple-choice- and adaptive quizzes based on the content you have uploaded to the platform. That’s right, the questions and right and wrong answers.
In total, AICATO can auto-generate 11 different types of exercises for your course.

Generate an automatic learning CV:
Don’t you wish everything your learners learned would translate directly into their CV? AICATO generates a learning CV for you automatically that you can view from your profile and use to apply for jobs.