Published: February 13, 2017

Zeqr - New Global Knowledge Marketplace

Users around the world can book time with leading experts across a range of categories. Knowledge is shared through classes and sessions that can be delivered one-on-one or one-to-many through video, voice, and screen sharing


Daniel Hedlund

[email protected]


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Zeqr, A New Type Of Global Knowledge Hub

Zeqr, a new type of global knowledge hub, launched today in public beta, set on revolutionizing the way in which people around the world exchange knowledge and information. Experts across a range of fields can create classes and deliver one-to-one, and one-to-many, live video sessions to those that are looking to improve their knowledge or learn a specific skill.

Daniel Hedlund, COO of Zeqr comments: "We founded Zeqr due to the difficulty we had finding people who were knowledgeable and skilled in the areas we needed for our previous businesses. Almost everyone wants to learn and improve their skills, whatever their field may be, but traditional education, training, and job resources are not always suitable and accessible and have proved inefficient and costly in providing clear guidance and support."

Zeqr's platform solves this problem as a unique facilitator of knowledge exchange. The marketplace allows for those with varied areas expertise (Xperts) and those eager to become better informed and learn (Zeqrs) to connect in a fashion that they haven't been able to previously. With the options of real-time group classes, one-to-one and one-to-many consultations through video, voice, and screen share - Zeqrs can determine the learning method that's right for them at their chosen time and pace.

As part of the public beta launch, globally respected experts have joined the platform to offer exclusive classes to select Zeqrs who register their interest. Experts that are already live on the platform are;

Guy Kawasaki - the world-renowned evangelist, marketer, and entrepreneur is launching the Zeqr "Business" category of classes as an Xpert. He will host two, one-on-one, real-time sessions on Zeqr, to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the platform

Brittany Watson Jepson - Founder of the renowned creativity and design channel, The House that Lars Built will be offering a number of exclusive one-to-one classes in Photoshoot Styling

Tayo Rockson - a leading Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, will be running bespoke sessions on How to Be An Inclusive Leader

John Boitnott - California-based TV, radio, and technology journalist will be offering individual classes on How to Generate Press for your Business

Keri-Anne Pink - Creative Photographer and blogger will be hosting one-to-one session on the art of Storytelling Through Photography

Evan Kirstel - Social Media expert will be offering sough after advice on Social Content Strategy

Dave Taylor - The Digital Marketing expert, technology YouTuber and celebrated writer will be consulting on developing bespoke Digital Marketing campaigns for your business, product or passion

Kawasaki said, "I'm delighted to offer two exclusive sessions on the Zeqr platform. These sessions will reflect years of insight and experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and fund raising. I love Zeqr's vision of changing the way people share information and learn in the digital age."

Anyone can apply for these sessions by explaining why they would benefit from this exceptional access to Kawasaki. Those who enter, be prepared to get real strategic and practical advice because Kawasaki isn't known for pulling his punches. Apply at Zour website.

Kawasaki continued, "Technology has provided incredible opportunities for learning and the sharing of expertise, and I cannot wait to see the impact that Zeqr has on people seeking new knowledge as well as experts trying to impart their expertise and advice across the globe."

Anyone interested in being in with a chance of accessing an exclusive, one-to-one session with the above launch Xperts, should head to, register for a Zeqr account and find their favorite Xpert under the 'Search Class' section. From there, submit a short explanation describing why they would most benefit from a personal class and consultation with one of the world-renowned Xperts. Submissions will then be reviewed, and those chosen will be contacted directly to arrange their individual class.

Zeqr connects those who need professional services provided by an Xpert, such as design, marketing, and coding, similar to freelancing websites, but with a more in-depth vetting process that takes place on both sides to ensure the best possible fit.

Johan Hedlund, CEO of Zeqr adds: "We know that not only individuals can benefit from Zeqr, but also businesses of all sizes. Zeqr will enable them to grow their businesses and tap into expert recourses to get then knowledge they need to move their ambitions forward. Zeqr has the potential to change many aspects of the exchanging of knowledge, information, and skills. We're excited to see the opportunities that Zeqr helps create for many!"

Join Zeqr and start growing your knowledge or share your expertise with an online community that is eager to learn.