Pros Of Using Whiteboard Animated Videos

Pros Of Using Whiteboard Animated Videos
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Summary: Digital work brings you new opportunities to exploit your products and your business in a different way.

Promotion Of Products And Services

Currently, there are blogs, webpages, social networks, etc. Now is the time to focus on whiteboard animated videos because such videos are an effective tool that tell us about a business and its services in the most convenient way. A business can explain its services or define its products by using whiteboard animated videos, as such a video is capable of narrating a story, a topic, or something specific. This type of video is a more didactic and simple way to describe dense topics that would be annoying without using whiteboard animations.

However, today it is not only used to teach something in a more pedagogical way, but it is also used by companies to explain the benefits of their products and services and sell them in a different way to their target audience.

The Whiteboard Video In Digital Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the perfect broadcast platforms for sharing a whiteboard video. It manages to capture, attract, and hold users' attention for longer since its capacity to entertain is higher than traditional videos of someone speaking in front of a camera. On the other hand, it also achieves good results for communication, memory, and user interaction with the company.

It also leaves the field open for viewers to share the video with their friends and for the content to reach a wider audience. However, how do we see it turning into sales? When the content reaches a greater number of people who identify with it, and they share it with those who might also be interested, the possibility of a purchase increases. In addition, this will make the user much more interested in what you are offering and begin to investigate.

Use Of Whiteboard Animations To Attract Users

This resource is cheap, simple, fun, and very useful in terms of all the information that you can offer to your target audience in a few minutes. But how can we attract new clients? Thanks to its ability to attract attention, this type of audiovisual will capture the attention of more than one and will make them continue to investigate to see what a company has for them once they are circulating through a social network. Likewise, the possibilities of purchases are increased, since users are more interested in knowing what you have.

On the other hand, if the product does not attract attention, at least the user can be interested in the video and could tell others. The real advice is to do it very well, make it eye-catching and have it stand out from the rest to have memorable results.

What Does Science Say About Whiteboard Animated Video?

A renowned psychologist and scientist named Richard Wiseman decided to test the effectiveness of a video animation company. In 2012, Richard made two versions of the same video, in the first one, he was speaking and in the other video, it was a whiteboard with the audio of the first video. With both versions, he was able to conduct a memorization study on a small population to determine which of these was the most impactful and memorable for them.

As a result, there was a 15% improvement in people who viewed the whiteboard video. Those users stated that the key was that they felt engaged during the video, thus stimulating their retention capacity.

An Attention-Grabbing Whiteboard Video

There are many more elements that are decisive in its elaboration; a good narrative thread, a clear, friendly, and seductive voice; and, a good idea to explain in an innovative way. In this way, if we put all these elements together, we have an audiovisual resource capable of attracting new customers and increasing purchase possibilities.

Are There Any Other Animated Video Styles?

Animated videos can also have different styles that we are sure will meet expectations.

Videos With Animated Graphics And Real Images

It is a very elegant and successful combination. A combo of real images of the product, the service or the company itself, as well as sectioning the content with animation text presentations and motion graphics and creating striking effects for the user to read the text. They are ideal videos for product presentations since the information displayed in animation is easily remembered.

Animated Videos With Infographics

Animated graphics are ideal for consecutive data transmission, abstract concepts, or difficult information to convey in a short time. The videos with infographics can be entirely mixed with real images, cartoons, or live filming. The possibilities are endless and are suitable for any type of technology company.

Fully Animated Videos

They are undoubtedly the most difficult to create, but the value they hide may be the greatest of all. They are directly related to our childhood, as we have all learned and watched thousands of cartoons when we were little. That relationship with our happier past makes the animated video reach our brain easily; it is very entertaining and we like to watch it until the end.

They are very broad in terms of context since all kinds of messages from any type of company can be transmitted. They have to be short and have to be very well thought out to achieve the final objective. They are ideal for sharing on social networks as well.

Another advantage is that, despite the technical difficulty in their production, they avoid expenses such as live filming, graphic animation, and the hiring cost of actors or sets.


More and more entrepreneurs are using the enormous power of web marketing, which can be a problem if this line is not followed in your company. To stand out from the crowd and beat your competitors, it is important to use whiteboard animation as a marketing tool that can improve the way your business is presented online. Making your website easy to use and interesting increases your credibility. When a person trusts your company, they tend to buy more and, at the same time, they spread their experience on social networks, which helps them get the maximum benefit.

Animation videos are possibly the most complicated types of videos to make and, at the same time, the most versatile since they are the ideal vehicle to convey a message that stands out, explain complicated concepts or operations, and difficult to understand explanations.