Top Tips For Reaching A Global Audience With Higher Quality eLearning

Top Tips For Reaching A Global Audience With Higher Quality eLearning
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Summary: Whether you’re leading an in-house Learning and Development team or creating online training content to sell, reaching (and engaging) as many learners as possible with your digital content is often the name of the game—and the modern sign of success. Here are some ideas and tips that will help your team be successful.

5 Ideas For Reaching A Global Audience With Your Digital Learning

How can you get more people interested in and engaged with the learning content you offer? Are there some simple things you can do that would help you get in front of new audiences? Or new strategies you could explore to pique the interest of those hard-to-reach people who roll their eyes at the concept of eLearning?

Think about what impact the following could have on the reach of your learning:

  • Releasing online courses in multiple languages so you can engage with people all over the world.
  • Providing truly multi-device and accessible learning so you’re able to meet the diverse needs of your audience in a flexible way.
  • Finding new ways to distribute your content so you can be flexible to your audience’s needs. Could a self-serve model work well for you? Or a subscription model, if you’re selling content?
  • Promoting your learning content with the mindset of a marketer—how can you grab people’s attention, tailor messaging to different segments, and keep them coming back for more?
  • Getting people talking about, and voluntarily sharing your learning content with peers and colleagues, creating a viral effect.

These are strategies that, a charity fighting against climate change, has used to reach their diverse network of campaigners all over the world. Read about 350’s forward-thinking approach.

Reach Is Nothing Without Quality

It’s all well and good reaching a large global audience, but if the content on offer isn’t up to scratch, then you’re not likely to hit your objectives or get people coming back for more.

Taking the time to really unpack the needs of your audience and how to meet them in the best possible way is essential to delivering a high-quality learning experience. Laying these foundations in the planning stage pays dividends in the end (both in terms of saving time and delivering great outcomes).

Once you have a good understanding of your audience and clear objectives, take a step back and think about the different learning approaches you could take to best meet their needs. If you need help conceptualizing your eLearning ideas, this is a great guide.

This data is a helpful reminder of the types of learning experiences people want:

  • 66% of learners want self-paced learning
  • 52% of learners want to access content at the point of need
  • 69% of learners say that timely and relevant content is a priority
  • 59% of learners want online performance support
  • 64% of learners say they want job aids

See more facts and stats about the modern learner in this infographic.

How Do You Know If It’s All Working?

Is your learning content going to deliver the desired outcome? Don’t wait until it’s all over to find out. Take action early, informed by the data and feedback at your fingertips, to steer your content toward better results. And, crucially, get this insight and feedback before you scale up to reach more learners.

Not sure what data to track? Start with these top 10 analytics that will help transform your eLearning.

Check out the 5C Framework for high-quality digital learning projects.

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