5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom eLearning Development For Your Employees

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom eLearning Development For Your Employees
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Summary: Are you thinking of how your employees could best learn and grow? To see what you're missing out on, keep reading. We'll tell you all about bespoke eLearning or custom eLearning development that may just be the perfect solution for you, your employees, your organization and your bottom line.

5 Reasons Why Custom eLearning Content For Employees Is Good

The digital era has made it easy for people to access information at any time. Along with this, the interest and ability to learn have grown rapidly as well. The modern employee is keen on being up to date with their skills and knowledge. For organizations, this means frequent training and development courses. In order to meet this demand, most training managers opt for off-the-shelf eLearning courses, or subscribe to an eLearning content library. While this is usually a matter of convenience and low costs, it doesn’t necessarily result in effective training. There is increasing evidence that eLearning content development that is tailor-made to relevant organizational needs is proving to be more effective.

Custom eLearning Courses Vs. Off-The-Shelf Courses

Off-the-shelf courses can be quickly executed, whereas custom or bespoke courses require time to create and execute.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom eLearning Development For Your Organization

1. One-Time Investment And Lifetime Ownership

Unlike off-the-shelf courses, eLearning content development demands a one-time, upfront investment. But once created, the organization absolutely owns the course. An experienced custom eLearning development solutions provider will help you choose the optimal strategy to meet your organization’s outcomes, timeframe, and budget.

2. Everyday Skills In Fun And Interesting Ways

Creative organizations that provide custom eLearning development solutions translate knowledge and information for daily work and do it in fun ways and interestingly. The customization angle of eLearning content enables the execution of several strategies for increased learner engagement and retention, such as incorporating storytelling, and innovative andragogies such as scoreboards, leveraging real-life examples and scenarios, animations, interactivity, and so on. Employee motivation increases when they are convinced that their training will be relevant and help in their specific job roles. Thus, custom-made eLearning results in scalable learning outcomes.

3. Decreased Employee Attrition And Improved Employee Productivity

Effective custom eLearning content helps a business connect with its employees by catering to their personal learning needs. Take an example of employee induction training. An organization’s induction and onboarding is the first impression given to the new employee, and it is crucial to building longevity. A bad induction or onboarding experience might make new employees twice as likely to hunt for other employment in the future. Organizations can reduce employee attrition and increase acceptance of job offers by working with a creative eLearning agency that builds good, effective and supportive preboarding induction and onboarding experiences.

4. eLearning Content Aligned With Organizational Needs

Every organization has unique needs and challenges. The probability of off-the-shelf courses meeting these unique challenges is low, especially given that eLearning content libraries are developed keeping a generic audience in mind. The goal of a business is to increase profitability, and learning initiatives are usually prioritized keeping these goals in mind. Bespoke eLearning or eLearning content development offers a definite advantage, as it is created keeping in mind employee skillsets, competencies, and behavioral nuances.

5. Offer Consistency And Reliability Of Information

When you custom-create an eLearning course, you can ensure that all design templates and messages are aligned with your organization’s brand and culture. When the eLearning content provider creates a course with the corporate colors and the brand guidelines, the course becomes a recognizable asset of the organization. This brings a sense of reliability and trust in the training material and can contribute positively to engagement. This can also help increase course completion rates.

Summing It Up

Bespoke learning courses are more advantageous than off-the-shelf courses purely because they make ample room for customization. Custom eLearning content development will benefit any organization by meeting organizational objectives. This is because it provides Learning and Development heads with the opportunity to build employees’ future competencies. Has your organization considered the business benefits of custom eLearning content development with a creative provider?

We are here to help you. Our Instructional Designers strategize with Learning and Development managers to develop the perfect course. We offer custom eLearning solutions and believe that corporate learning ought to be effective, engaging, and fun. Whether it is a simple custom eLearning project or a project involving a combination of blended learning with microlearning through mobiles and the use of videos, we create it all to help you achieve your business objectives.

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