5 Ways You Can Save Time And Launch Great Learning Content

How To Save Time And Launch Great Learning Content: 5 Ways

When it comes to producing online learning products, there are some relatively simple ways to streamline your design approach and production process to maximize business value of your work. Smart workflows and the right technologies will make the difference between getting online learning content launched on time with minimum cost, and getting caught up in a long and costly production process. Here is how to increase your speed to market without sacrificing quality:

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1. Align Your Strategic Framework

Great digital learning products require thinking, planning, and cultivation. If we were to bottle up the traits of successful Elucidat customers, the first thing we’d see is that those who start with a clear strategy and process do much better. Some people roll their eyes at the idea of more processes and learning design frameworks, but investing time in the right ones should make everyone’s lives easier… and the outcomes significantly better.

2. Adjust Your People Power

If you’re working through hundreds of content hours, it may be more cost effective and time efficient to invest in your in-house skills. That way, you'll spend less on production by upskilling an in-house team, and have much more alignment than is often possible with an agency.

A successful model is often a mix, with agencies creating one-off products and in-house teams focused on the scale, adaption, and iteration of learning content. This saves costs significantly compared to feeding change requests back to an agency, and can speed things up too.

3. Invest Time Wisely For The Best Returns

Investing a lot of time creating products before you know whether they’ll work can feel risky. Work smarter by user-testing short prototypes, reading the data that comes back and building areas for improvement into your workflow.

4. Manage Translations And Variations Efficiently

If you might need to rebrand your products, create slight variations in content or manage translations. Design with this in mind from day one. Choose an authoring tool that facilitates multiple variations of one piece of content, without heavy production headaches. Use a platform that enables you to swap out languages without requiring authoring time, and allows you to roll out updates to assets across multiple versions of a course.

5. Streamline Collaboration And Review

Many hands make light work. Get your experts, reviewers, and creatives to work collaboratively to create learning products fast. From using tools, like Slack, to enable great team communication to cloud-based authoring platforms, like Elucidat, that allow multiple people to work on a project at once, the right technology will have a dramatic impact on your speed to market.

If commercializing your eLearning content is something you’re already doing, or are planning to do, then having an efficient process to get your learning products to market is key.

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