8 Reasons Why School Apps Are Important For Parents And Students

8 Reasons Why School Apps Are Important For Parents And Students
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Summary: Mobile apps have become highly useful for schools by offering innovative ways to engage learners, help them study, and provide them with news and updates.

Why School Apps Are Important For Parents And Students

Here we are, in that time of year again when kids are back to school and parents are all worked up to ensure their kids have a smooth ride with academics and other curricular activities at school. Now, as mobile devices have found their way into the classroom, why not explore some of the innovative ways school and administrators use mobile apps to engage students, faculty, parents, and the community?

There are numerous mobile app developers in Singapore creating brilliant school apps that offer a range of significant ways to engage students, teachers, and parents. Hence, all one needs is to explore more possibilities of a mobile phone than gaming, shopping, and video watching. School apps now enable you to be connected with your child's school via your mobile.

Being connected to the school via mobile means you can be certain you'll never miss out any crucial information. Other than that these apps offer a range of themes, all beautifully presented and executed. Staying connected via mobile apps is a great choice that you will never regret. So, here let's find out how school apps can help you:

1. They Keep You Updated

Apps work well in dispensing news and events taking place in school, thus reduce the trouble of having to announce updates individually. School apps are just the best medium when you have to make announcements regarding the course, class timings, schedule, and school policies. The app offers the vital information that helps parents updated.

2. They Boost Student And Parent Engagement

Mobile apps can be used to offer utility and connect people to information that matter most in their daily lives. Through apps, the latest information reaches both students and parents related to school happenings and extracurricular activities, and can even work as a quick reference point for school policies, course calendars, and notes. Apps also serve additional information such as linking to maps, bus routes, and even sharing the daily lunch menu.

These apps work in sync with existing student information systems –like attendance records, grades, and teacher comment – thus offering students and parents real-time progress reports. Statistics show that the educational mobile apps have become the third most frequently downloaded mobile apps with the current rate at 8.47%. Universities and colleges are using apps for distance and online education so that students can easily submit assignments online and via mobile.

3. They Are Just A Click Away

You need not be concerned if you can't spend time on the website of the school, as school apps are here for your rescue. Being installed on your mobile phones, they are just a click-away and pretty handy.

4. They Promote Communication

Usually, guardians are required to visit their child's school to keep track of their progress; however, that often gets difficult due to lack of time in today's busy lifestyle. Sometimes parents often fail to visit, as there is professional pressure and work stress, making it tough for them to concentrate on their child's growth at the school fully. However, with the availability of school apps, parents have the ability to be in touch with the school of their children. School apps allow the parents to have a one-on-one discussion with the teachers.

5. They Allow Access To Information

People who don't have a computer at home can now have a sigh of relief as now mobile devices are now successfully outpacing desktop PCs. With the accessibility of smartphones, things have turned a lot simpler. All you need is a school app to access the information related to your kids.

6. They Promote Community Involvement

With school apps it has become a lot easier to contact board members, promote fundraisers, publish board meetings, and link to community events via social media. By getting engaged with the public at large, schools are establishing themselves as an influential part of the community. Some schools have even developed messaging features such as "tip lines": Here the community members are invited to voice their opinions or concerns on topics related to the school.

7. They Can Save You Time And Money

School apps are a wonderful way to save time and money as they are very inexpensive and easy to use. As parents are timely updated about school activities, educational apps save a lot of their time. As a whole, the package is very beneficial.

8. They Can Provide Absent Notes

Often children get into trouble when they forget to carry an absent note. However, with school apps direct communication with the teacher is possible; no more stress or worry, and students get to concentrate more on their studies.

Final Word

Do you own a school? In that case, get the help of best mobile app developers in Singapore and get things organized. This way you are sure to offer a pleasant experience to the students as well as the parents.