Social Academy For Self Learners Aims To Revolutionize Education

Social Academy For Self Learners Aims To Revolutionize Education
Summary: SchooX is an Academy for self-learners which aims to revolutionize and democratize education. An Academy where Learners can build a strong portfolio of qualifications and Experts, Corporations and Organizations teach online and monetize their knowledge.

Social Academy For Self Learners

Getting a good education becomes more and more difficult and at the same time expensive. I have seen a lot of people with a bachelor degree but often without the necessary job skills having a hard time finding their path to a professional career. I am not going to tell you about the important revolution that it takes place in the education industry because of the Internet. Neither that Online Education is changing the way people get educated. I would like to talk about one of the most fascinating platforms that support Social Learning for Self-Learners!

A platform which was build around these thoughts, and with the mission to:

  1. help people learn,
  2. empower their qualifications, and
  3. improve their lives in the most possible pleasant way.

At this post I will introduce you to...SchooX

What is SchooX?

SchooX is an Academy for self-learners which aims to revolutionize and democratize education. An Academy where Learners can build a strong portfolio of qualifications and Experts, Corporations and Organizations teach online and monetize their knowledge.

SchooX description

Self-learners can attend online courses from a wide range of courses and knowledge providers, create personalized curriculums on any subject and build a strong portfolio of qualifications and skills which they can promote and use it to find a job. They have the chance to earn badges, credits or even certificates.

Experts, Training Companies, and Educational Institutions can create incredibly easy online courses on SchooX and teach online. If they want to monetize they just have to set a price, use integrated tools to promote their courses and track their conversions and financials.

Furthermore, they can even create their own public or private academy within SchooX and build their own community. So, Corporations can use SchooX to build their corporate Academy on SchooX to train employees and engage customers.

SchooX is not just another LMS, it’s not a collaboration platform nor a directory of online courses, and definitely not just another Course Marketplace. It brings together some great modules that offer a completely new experience to the learning process.

  1. Online and Collaborative Learning
    • A comprehensive and feature rich online learning module which consists of great features.  Course creation by uploading files of any kind. pdf, ppt, doc, video or even SCORM ready files are just a click away from being course lectures. Drag n drop functionality helps to create even more easy a course or add supplemental materials from the integrate content library.
    • Discussion boards, Live classes, Exams, Certificates are few of all the offering tools for the Teaching process.
    • Learning groups with their own walsl, content sharing capabilities, are there to boost the learning experience. Curriculum, Training programs, Course suggestions according to member’s profile, tag searching and learning progress tracking, offer a unique way to learn, share knowledge and build eventually an ePortfolio of qualifications and skills with charts and analytics about learners' activities.
  2. Content Library
    • A unified repository allows members to manage files of any kind and web resources.
    • Users can upload their own files as well as bookmark any content from all over the web, and view them with integrated Viewers for all types of content.
    • Indexing, Folders and Collections, Tags and suggestions are helping users to store and organize their own Library. They can select what they want to share with their colleagues, classmates, groups or even with the entire SchooX community.
    • A bookmarking toolbox through a bookmarket for all browsers helps to collect, share and tag content as users surf the web. Storing content directly to a folder of user’s library or even to an academy’s library during a bookmarking procedure that was never more easy.
    • Special bookmarking and viewing features for a wide range of content providers and formats (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, MIT World, TED, National Geographic, Wikipedia, SlideShare, etc). This helps content from these sites to be automatically embedded in SchooX.
  3. Online Academies
    • Individuals, Corporations and Organizations as well as Educational institutions are able to create their own online Academy within an open community, in just a few seconds.
    • Employees, Students, Faculty, Alumni or Clients can be members of this Academy and at the same time being part of an open learning community. Create their own content and courses and take advantage of public courses created by other experts.
    • After giving basic info about the Academy, you can choose your privacy settings, set the rules, invite people and other instructors from an easy to use Administration panel.
    • Dashboards for financials, membership and other statistics helps to control and manage the whole academy that has its own news feeds, Courses, Groups, and content Library.
  4. Course Marketplace
    • A fully integrated marketplace for courses where Professional instructros or members of a certified Academy can choose to set a price for their courses.
    • A premium course card for all the paid courses is given to promote them better and to host custom made blocks (this course is perfect for…, what you get from this course, etc).
    • Financial dashboard to track revenues coming from organic sales, discounts or even coupons, gives the necessary control to each professional intructor.
  5. Social Network
    • A facebook like UI in an intergrate Social network gives Learners and Teachers abilities for extended collaboration and networking. Platform’s two levels of relations helps users identify who would be their friends and who can follow.
    • Personal wall and news feeds where friends, followers, and tag activities are listed, will help you stay up-to-date to what is going on your educational community.
    • Members earn credits and can increase their level as instructors, learners, reviewers, discoverers or collectors, based on a great Reputation and Karma system, which is integrated on the platform.Personal profile, Internal messaging system, Suggestions, Privacy and Notification settings are completing the Social aspect of your learning experience.
  6. Reputation/Gamification System
    • Schoox has integrated a gamification system which consists of two categories of badges:
      • Systems Badges for Great Instructor, Great Learner, Community Builder, Infuencer, Great Content Contributor, Professional Instructor, Well Connected etc.
      • Social Badges for Fellow Helper, Great Team Worker, Great Performance, Hard Worker, Great Mentor, Good Student, Good Answer etc.
    • Professional Instructors and Academies can create their own badges and engage their audience.


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