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July 21, 2016

Overcoming 3 Cultural Barriers To eLearning

Cultural barriers to eLearning are more significant than technology ones. Luckily, I have been able to get Dr. Michael Baron –one of the leading eLearning specialists– to help with our eLearning delivery projects and discuss how to overcome those.
by Violet Sun
June 9, 2016

3 Thoughts On Special Education: One Dad's Perspective

My experience with special education started with becoming a dad. My wife and I have four wonderful children, the second of whom, Jacob, has a type of Autism called PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders). Here, I offer my perspectives as a parent about what makes for great special education.
by Brian Taylor
June 1, 2016

God's Letter To The Struggling Online Student

This is the letter from God to students enrolled in online courses. It discusses the unique problems online students face and offers them words of solace and encouragement. With faith, patience, and perseverance, a struggling online student can use the new opportunities they have to make their future better.
by Aditya Singhal
May 9, 2016

eLearning 4.0: Prospects And Challenges

What is eLearning 4.0 all about and are we there yet? Is the way we develop and share content going to change a few years from now? Check out this article to trace the evolution of eLearning and see what the future holds in store for us.
by Scott Winstead
April 3, 2016

4 eLearning Disconnects Within Higher Education Institutions

Higher education faces a number of challenges which need to be addressed in order to enhance prestige and market share. The prospect of providing online education is becoming increasingly appealing to institutions that wish to expand their offerings; however, such undertakings should not be thought of lightly. Especially since higher education institutions face a number of fundamental disconnects that make this prospect difficult, if not impossible.
by Arthu Schneider