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February 19, 2016

Utilizing Open Educational Resources To Advance Online Learning In Sub-Saharan Africa

In many schools and institutions of higher learning across Sub-Saharan Africa students lack access to quality academic resources and teachers also lack access to teaching resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are the ideal tool to leverage on the affordances of technology and the insights of online learning to reduce the inequalities in the Sub-Saharan African countries’ education systems.
by Danai Nhando
December 16, 2015

eLearning In Egypt: Will eLearning Be The Optimum Solution For Egypt's Educational System?

In today’s challenges that Egypt is facing generally and in its educational system specifically, it is highly essential to highlight some of the segment’s challenges and whether eLearning will be a helpful approach to overcome them or not; especially under the global and local economic tights. In this article and later ones, I will be highlighting some of the challenges of implementing eLearning in Egypt and I will also be mapping them with eLearning concepts to be overcome.
by Haitham Khedr
November 27, 2015

Why eLearning Is Key To Democratizing Higher Education In Africa 

With Africa’s growing youth bulge, how will African countries cope with increasing numbers of tertiary student enrolments and high costs of expanding higher education institutions? eLearning is the best possible solution for democratizing higher education in Africa and ensuring that access to quality higher education is not limited by geographical location, tuition fees, or lack of access to academic resources.
by Danai Nhando